Talabani leaves today to Germany for medical tests

The Secretary-General will leave for the PUK and former Iraqi President Jalal Talabani on Saturday to Germany for medical tests.

Talabani's Office said in a statement that Talabani will return to Kurdistan after conducting a series of tests.

The statement quoted Talabani's personal doctor as saying that, "was scheduled to visit President MAM Jalal, several months before Germany, to conduct a series of medical tests, but was postponed at the request of its sovereignty, and believe that this time a good and appropriate to conduct such examinations, and upon completion, return sovereignty unscathed by God".

The doctor said, "since the return of sovereignty after treatment in Germany a year ago, was continuing to undergo treatment under the supervision of the medical teams here, luckily the results were positive in all levels, and that his health is improving day after day, and hopefully make it better".

Jalal Talabani had suffered a stroke in December 2012, and email for the purpose of treatment to a hospital in the German capital Berlin, and remained for a long time under medical supervision, after his health improved, he returned to Kurdistan in July of last year.