Saco: national card act contrary to the Constitution and human rights

The Chaldean Patriarch in the new Iraq and the world, Saint Louis Raphael first Saco rejection of unified national card Act, back it ran counter to the principles of human rights and violates the Iraqi Constitution.

The protest, organized, on Wednesday evening, in the courtyard of the Church of Mar gorgis in Baghdad new, East of the capital, pastoral Council of the parish of Baghdad, Iraq's Chaldean and the world, in the presence of Rafidain bloc mp, Emad yokhna, mp, and mp abaiji Sunrise Bushra Al-Obeidi of the High Commissioner for human rights, activist Hanaa edwar, civil society.
The Patriarch said Sacco, in his speech during the sit-in, "including freedom of religion, should be for everyone", that they "could not be forced to accept on faith, which is a blessing from Allah".

Saco, said that "the message of religions and common human values and the Charter of human rights emphasizes that freedom of legitimate and natural", adding that "the Iraqi Parliament's approval on the law of the national card, who hates to minor children of Christians and Yazidi sabeans, to convert to the Muslim religion when advertising a parent in violation of Muslim values and injustice against those of the early citizens of Iraq, contrary to the Quran which emphasizes non-coercion and abuse of national unity, balance societal and religious pluralism and coexistence".
The Patriarch said, that "the law, standard card contradicted the Iraqi Constitution as article III that Iraq is a multi-ethnic country, religions and sects, and article 37/II, which stipulates that the State guarantees the protection of the individual from the coercion of the intellectual and political, religious, and article 42, which implies that everyone has freedom of thought, conscience and religion", pointing out that "the law also intersects with the International Bill of human rights, article 18, which stipulates that everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion".
Saco reiterated, "the Patriarchate's refusal to act on the standard card which divides Iraqis and do not unite them", demanding that "keeps kids minors on their religion, leaving them to choose the religion that they see fit for their convictions when they reach legal age".
The Patriarch also reiterated the threat that "Church will deliver its voice globally and a lawsuit to the international human rights Council, the International Tribunal against the House".