Sources: oil exports from Basra would rise next month to 2.9 million b/j

Posted on: 13 November 2015, trade sources said on Friday the oil sector, Iraq's second-largest producer in OPEC planned to export 2.90 million barrels of crude oil from its southern Basra his ports in the month of December.

The sources relied on program first to load oil. According to Reuters.
December deliveries increase slightly those schema exported this month of 2.819 million barrels in size with support from increased exports of Iraqi crude.
Iraq targeted export standard 3.68 million barrels a day in October, but was only 2.7 million barrels per day on average because of the bad weather which hampered loading tankers.
Iraq plans to export about 2.13 million barrels of Basra light crude in December, unchanged from the previous month. Basra crude exports would rise to about heavy, 768 thousand barrels of 720 000 in November.
Iraq section ore types starting from last June to resolve problems relating to quality and increase exports.
The oil Ministry announced early this November, in [primary statistical] exporting over 83 million barrels barrels of oil during the last October, versus revenue exceeded three billion.
In a statement received by IGN, that "exports from southern ports nearly [83 million and 930 thousand barrels]", referring to "stop oil exports from Ceyhan permanently as a result of lack of commitment by the KRG oil agreement and failing to deliver oil to the Federal Government and export to the federal Treasury account"