Al-Maliki and Al-Ameri discuss "rule of law" a strong parliamentary bloc

Baghdad: new morning: Secretary General of the Badr organization, Hadi al-Ameri, the head of State of law Coalition Nuri al-Maliki, need the support of the crowd and its weaponization and outfitted, discussed "strengthening the rule of law to be" a strong parliamentary bloc "of the legislation.
Ameri said in a speech on the sidelines of his meeting with the delegation of the State of law coalition headed by leader Nouri al-Maliki, held at the headquarters of the Badr organization in Baghdad, "we discussed several topics including the security dossier, daash war and political situation and the financial crisis".
Ameri said, "we aim to further such meetings in order to clear the air", "was also discussed strengthening the rule of law as we proceed from the premise to be strong parliamentary bloc capable of enacting laws that serve this country."

Al-Maliki said, "we visited with a group of leaders and deputies of the State law and our brothers in the Badr organization to bless them and their jihadist role on the battlefields in the face", showing "daash all agreed with the analysis and follow up on the need to sustain this effort and that all stand behind the popular crowd and supported and armed and equipped."
Al-Maliki said, "We also agreed that other issues related to the budget and legislation".
Wish that "we have other events to consolidate the status of the understanding that we proceed to a wider horizon to save the political process and to sustain the momentum."
Iraq is witnessing an extraordinary security situation, continue military operations to flush out "daash" areas, and implement international coalition air strikes targeted sites of the Organization in those areas to expect casualties in its ranks.