currency 50 thousand new PROVOKE RIDICULE from IRAQIS
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Thread: currency 50 thousand new PROVOKE RIDICULE from IRAQIS

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    currency 50 thousand new PROVOKE RIDICULE (from) IRAQIS

    Currency 50 thousand new PROVOKE RIDICULE IRAQIS


    (Independent) .. the effects of the new banknote design of category (50) thousand, which the central bank announced for issue mockery of what the Iraqis from being overwhelmed by the accumulation of images.

    The ceremony of the social networking site (Facebook) publications and sarcastic comments that accompanied the publication of a photo of the new currency.

    Gazan journalist Mohamed wrote on his "Urgent: withdrawal of currency 50 thousand class before they are issued, and that the existence of empty space in the right hand did not work drawing .."

    He wrote on behalf of glare "Hey reading Alkhaldonah Mo banknotes." As Mary Khalid commented that "children claimed Aaovon Alpha and bring omitted omitted because the fees hobby," wrote Abbas al-Araji "If enough dancer image text omitted because Ahoai Mlaib ... Ichaelk Jaivin of fraud .. Ehna Enkhav more of thieves."

    As promised Other Publications multitude of symbols and Aguetdadha on banknote consecration of quotas and division, who arrived in the currency which carried the symbols of all the regions of Iraq and Iraq had missed the codes that united and represented, from north to south. (End) tml
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