Mr. Qabbanji: our only choice reforms and the liberalization of Sinjar major victory

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Najaf: Euphrates News} said the imam of Juma Najaf, Mr. Sadr al-Din Qabbanji that reforms are the only choice and we are still at the beginning of the road, "considering liberalization of Sinjar Yazidi majority of terrorist gangs Daash a major victory.
Mr. Qabbanji said in a Friday prayer sermon which was held in the Grand Husseini Fatimid in Najaf attended by the correspondent of the agency {Euphrates News} today that "reform is our only option, and we are still at the beginning of the road."

He pointed to the "importance of adhering to the guidance of the religious authority in steps of reform and commitment to constitutional policies To be legitimate, "he said." There must be comprehensive reforms which sits everyone and that the upper class and those with salaries and allowances huge include, not only the simple employee. and the equal, the weak and the strong.

"He pointed Qabbanji to security progress achieved by the security forces and the popular crowd," stressing "The liberalization of Sinjar of the hands of terrorist Daash gangs major victory."

In a separate affair Mr. Alkabbaja pointed to the southern suburbs in Lebanon bombings, expressing "condolences to the Lebanese people and to the families of martyrs and wounded inviting them patience in order to achieve victory."

He stressed that "Iraq crush all these terrorist acts, the establishment by the will of Husseiniya will not frustrate our efforts.
On the visit of the forty he explained that "the Iraqi people expressed great typical image in standby to receive millions of visitors.

He pointed out that "this visit Stbehr the world and that this phenomenon is not the advantage of being only Magdy Rady but characterized the humanitarian objectives of the reform Holy in particular injustice and freedom stand and no one in the world record negative remarks against them, and the advantage they internationalist world was not limited to a specific state or the Shiites only, but we find everyone reacts to this phenomenon.

"He noted that" forty visit march moral admirable what can be described as nothing which lie nor steal nor the battle and morality, humility, service and humanity ", stressing that" it Magdy Rady march governed by morality ".anthy