Doubts about the ownership of the bank .. Huda directly recriminations window figures in the Iraqi government

Baghdad-Iraq-Presse -13 November

: quoted informed political sources Msdor of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee official, on Friday, said Huda bank back with a very large influence in the current government of political figures, "stressing that" one of the largest banks that benefited from corruption in the Iraq. "The sources said," The mystery that revolves around Huda Bank and non-negligent accounting caused the ownership of the bank significant figures in the government and high leverage, "pointing out that" the bank used instruments forged the names of people who had recently died. "According to the official in the Integrity Committee source, The "bank is one of the largest banks, which Aatacht on corruption in Iraq," pointing out that "the Chairman of the Finance Committee of the late Ahmad Chalabi put the microscope on the papers that prove supplied based on the bank". On as he put it, and I talked to news reports earlier about the existence of the mysterious relationship linking officials in the Central Bank of the owner of Huda Commercial Bank on the one hand and the Central Bank and the Committee for the auction of the last hand. But the Parliamentary Finance Committee denied, last Wednesday, the possession of the late Ahmad Chalabi corrupted files condemns personal or political point of Maanh.anthy (1)