Source: political mediation to pass the deal to allow Tariq al-Hashimi to leave Iraq without trial
Saturday, February 18

BAGHDAD / With: A source representative of the existence of mediation policy carried out by individuals close to the President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani required to allow the Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi to be prosecuted according to Article (4 / terrorism) to leave Iraq without trial in person and to continue his trial his bodyguards in the terrorist operations that confessed to their implementation.
The source told the correspondent of news agency reported on Saturday that the future: "There are some figures close to the parliamentary and Masoud Barzani President of Kurdistan seeks to persuade the influential parties in the National Alliance for allowing Hashemi to leave Iraq and the closure of the case file."
He added: "The deal is to prosecute members of al-Hashemi, who confessed to the protection of carrying out terrorist actions and allowing Hashemi to leave Iraq."
The al-Hashemi said he would leave Iraq Azma forced to asserting that he could not disliked all his bodyguards, and the news agency revealed the future may display close to Hashemi property for sale in preparation for leaving Iraq.