UN warns of obstacles in front of al-Abadi reform efforts

(Independent) ... warned the United Nations representative in Iraq, Jan Kobesc exacerbate the political differences in Iraq and the inability to implement the agenda of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi reform.

Kobesc said in testimony before the UN Security Council that the Abadi reforms "not kept pace with the aspirations of the Iraqi people until now."
He pointed to the existence of obstacles in the face of "political reform and reconciliation," Ebadi project since taking office laid down by the different political spectrum.
He added, "despite hopes that the Abadi project will push forward reconciliation and the integration of the Sunni community in the political process, there are obstacles from the Iraqi elements caused by lack of confidence and hidden interests."

He warned of the decline in government revenue due to declining oil prices may affect the budget in general.
The cleric Ali al-Sistani in Iraq's parliament has warned of blocking the reforms announced by the Prime Minister.

The warning came after the parliamentary vote unanimously to prevent the government from any legislation reforms without the consent of the legislative authority in the country.
Abadi announced a series of reforms in the August / August under the angry demonstrations witnessed several provinces raised the banner of reform and the fight against corruption. (End)

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