Central Bank announces Gramath violation banks reached 400 billion dinars

(Independent) ... the central bank revealed that Gramath violation banks reached 400 billion dinars, while noting the existence of a lawsuit concerning the 97 banks and financial institutions on issues related to money laundering.

The central bank said in a statement received (Independent) said Thursday that "the central bank feels that decent public need clarification about what Taatdolh some media for monetary policy, procedures and events its own, and displayed documents issued by him after cutting them out of context or a matter of adoption," noting to "address this issue by non-specialists may lead to confusion among recipients and the impact on their decisions and their expectations."

He added that "the majority of those statements was characterized by fallacies and spreading an atmosphere of pessimism and frustration, either because of the absence of an accurate understanding or for the purposes of non-objective emanating from different motives, some linked to political reality and the bickering and recrimination, and the spirit of incitement for the purpose of aborting the rest of the functioning institutions in the state, as well as that Some proposals would be acceptable to the public and raise their questions and reservations when stripped of context, or viewed from one angle. "

The statement continued that the central bank's policy is to distance from the debates and reactions to the statements and rhetoric, and not to disclose the reasons and justifications for some of its procedures in line with the nature of the roles and the texts of law, particularly with regard to banking secrecy, but the size of the inaccuracies and confusion was such that harms the public stability and the stability of the market and reputation Iraq externally, and the consequent serious implications for Iraq financial, monetary and banking transactions and the expectations and reactions of dealers with investors, donors and others.

He explained that "the bank set up during the period 2012 - 2015 many of the cases to the competent Iraqi courts on banks and companies contrary to the instructions selling foreign currency in force and those relating to anti-money laundering issues, and stood up to (97) suit belonging to banks and other financial institutions and clients from customers has been issued Several court rulings in this regard, "pointing to" the imposition of fines and Bank Akiemha reached up to 400 billion Iraqi dinars included (40) banks. "

The statement pointed out that "the Bank strafe (426) non-bank financial institution penalties (fine, alarm, alarm, deprivation of window sell the currency) and the withdrawal of permits and licenses for some of them with the imposition of trusteeship on four of the banks reached one of them to the filter end while the rehabilitation two other banks, "adding that" the imposition of fines has reached the limits of Akiemha (5) billion Iraqi dinars in regards to other banking irregularities ".

The request of the Central Bank of everyone to exercise responsibility and credibility and to look at things and processed professional and objective perspective to serve the interest both locally and internationally, and the central bank is ready to inform the interested ordered the bank and the issues referred to brief them on the ground and documentaries, and our doors are open for this purpose. "