Economist: a JD 50,000 class will contribute to market stability

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November 12, 2015 6:15 pm
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Former economist stressed the CBI name Abdul Hadi, Thursday, that the issuing of 50 thousand dinar will contribute to market stability, stressing that the big deals are covered via the dollar.

Abdul Hadi said in an interview that "cash class version 50000 dinar before the Central Bank will not contribute to reducing market instability and a special index of market prices and inflation," he said, adding that "there are changes in economies on the ground and shrinking economic reality."

Abdul Hadi said that "this category of cash would raise operating costs imposed on bank management and regulation of currency", adding that "there will be no desired results to facilitate transactions.

Abdul Hadi noted that "category of cash circulation of 25,000 dinars are sufficient for dealing with individual and corporate transactions, while large deals are covered via the dollar."

And the Iraqi Central Bank announced on Wednesday (11 November 2015) issued new banknotes of 50,000 dinars, class upheavals to complete Iraqi banknotes structure and develop high-value category.