Parliamentary Finance: Balancing put forward in 2016 for the second reading next Monday

The parliamentary finance committee said it would offer a draft 2016 budget law to the second reading in the House of Representatives session on Monday.

And the Chairman of the Committee Faleh force told all of Iraq [where] that "will put the budget in 2016 for the second reading on Monday with a call to MPs to submit their proposals for the budget and the doors of their exchange." He stressed that "the Commission will conduct transfers between chapters of the budget Exchange, and that priority will be to support the The crowd PDF file displaced and benefits the province of Basra, "saying the price of $ 45 per barrel in the budget set by the Ministry of Finance the price is reasonable, especially that Iraq sells for less than that price."

The House of Representatives has completed in its meeting on Tuesday, the first reading of the draft 2016 budget law Baardat estimated at more than 83 trillion dinars, compared to 106 trillion dinars as expenditure against a deficit of 22 trillion dinars. The calculated revenues generated from the export of crude oil on the basis of a price of $ 45 per barrel rate and the rate of export 3.6 million barrels per day, including 250 000 barrels per day of product quantities of crude oil in the region Kurdistan and 300 000 barrels per day from the source quantities of oil province of Kirkuk.
The deputies asked the province of Basra, the House of Representatives budget returns to the government for the lack of coverage benefits Mhafezthm.anthy