Fahdawi is brought in on charges of corruption is secondary to the occupancy of the judiciary and integrity

Said Minister of Electricity Qassim Fahdawi, brought in by the judiciary on charges of "corruption" of the secondary things to occupancy of the judiciary and of the integrity of the real corruption.
Said Fahdawi, Thursday, in his speech during the opening of the architecture power plant gas, "We strive to neutralize the impact of the difficult circumstances we are going through in Iraq, the first of the financial envelope the gorge, which has hampered a lot of our activities has Toguena from each side, though, so we seek to resist it in Action is approaching to be a holy war and fighting, and we do not increase nor Nzaid on who preceded us for jihad from the armed forces and the popular crowd who sacrifice their blood and do a few of the many they do us.
"He added that" a lot of problems facing the Iraqi national system, the first of the corruption that marked and became his arms, mechanisms and claws and means to resist them all process progress because you know that corruption does not live with organized labor.
"He pointed Alfdaoa that" corruption began now uses other means which occupancy of the judiciary and the Integrity Commission matters of secondary nothing to do with the real corruption to divert attention from the real corruption in government departments, it has achieved some success and befuddled and from work in our ministry, "noting that" high confidence in the judiciary and the integrity that it is up to redress and continue the fight against the actual corruption, which was caused by the late arrival of electricity service to the Iraqi people in general in all parts of Iraq. "
He continued Fahdawi "achievements coming in will be the opening of a number of stations and add them to the national system in steps complement each other, to eliminate the problem of electricity, and Snzv Bhraha in the next few days, we promise the citizens that we will be good when he thinks and do what is most precious to serve the citizen and Iraq."
The Council Deputies had been questioned in the 29 of last August, Electricity Minister Qassim Fahdawi on corruption charges, but he convinced Bojobth, with the Supreme Judicial Council revealed in 17 of the same month for the investigation of corruption in the Ministry of Electricity, including the rehabilitation of the minister Fahdawi office more than half a billion Danar.