Parliamentary Finance: the issuance of Class 50 000 will enhance the purchasing power of our currency

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: counting the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives member Ahmed meat, on Thursday, that the issuance of central bank category 50 000 new dinars, "a good step" to enhance the purchasing power of the Iraqi currency, likely to issue a class 100 000 dinars. He said his flesh in a statement to " tomorrow Press, "that" the central bank's move to issue new banknote 50 000 dinars category is a good step on the grounds that the Iraqi currency classes small, if compared to our currency to the dollar note the absence of an Iraqi category corresponding to the dollar, the limit citizens retained instead of the Iraqi currency to the dollar. "

"The new category will lead to stimulate the citizens to keep the Iraqi currency instead of the dollar, boosting the purchasing power of a currency and therefore it is in the interest of the Iraqi economy," adding that "the Central Bank was planning to launch this category in July, but the economic situation deteriorating last issued so far. "He said his flesh that" the central bank seeks to another project, which is the removal of zeros from the currency, and put the class 100 000 Iraqi dinars, but the country's situation deteriorating for the two projects, "likely" to issue percent category thousand dinars middle of next year. "