Economic expert: issue new banknote sign of the economic inflation
Date: 11/12/2015 20:05

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Confirmed economist peace Sumaisem, Thursday, that the issuance of central bank cash paper Khmson thousand dinars category refers to rates of inflation suffered by the Iraqi economy.
Sumaisem said in a statement to Agence / information / "The economic inflation indicates that the value of the Iraqi dinar low the consequences of the central bank issuing high monetary value to raise the value of the dinar," indicating that "the causes of economic inflation in Iraq is the financial crisis plaguing the country and the fiscal deficit , as well as increased demand for money in the last period on the central bank had to issue a high category of cash to raise the value of the local dinar. "

She added that "the Central Bank to issue new cash for a class give an indication of the presence of inflation suffered by the Iraqi economy."

The central bank issued earlier in the cash and paper than fifty thousand Iraqi dinars category, while the back of the paper contained a schematic picture of the Iraqi Marshlands reed house and a number of fishermen and a group of Maha animals buffalo and Tiorousourh Nakheel Iraq include with the Tigris and Euphrates planning within the country map.

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