The new currency 50.000 Dinars:
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Thread: The new currency 50.000 Dinars:

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    The new currency 50.000 Dinars:

    The new currency 50.000 Dinars:

    The New Iraqi currency issued by the central bank of Iraq in the category of 50 Dinars, the paper included the image quality planning ‘yr euphrates and palm on the paper and the image of one of the Kurdistan Falls on the right side of the paper, as well as a sign of the Security was printing ink magnetic changing color (O Park) changes colour from blue to green when the employment of the paper, the other side of the paper containing the image of the planning of Iraq, including the promise of sugar cane home A number of other fishermen and a group of animals (jwạmys birds) and photo will not just a matter of Iraq with the planning of the tigris and Euphrates Rivers within a map of Iraq, and paint paper cash protective coating, so as to prolong the life of the paper and its protection from dirt and Soil.

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    Re: The new currency 50.000 Dinars:

    So is this good or Bad.. ?...

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