Desert locusts and the currency (50 000)

* Abdul Amir Majidi

No place for any signs of joy Bsifna not Steina In the summer comes to us all the woes in the forefront of the high temperatures and the accompanying insects flies and mosquitoes and worms and even snakes could not stay Bjehorha and preferred to go out for a romp in the schools of our children or near our homes and marvel at the day that we opened streams Hamamatna cover to find a crocodile or Akhtabuta especially as we found with insects and animals initiated by the snake master intruder and crocodile Diwaniyah waves did not end after it appeared in the countryside strange animal looks like a wolf and other animals in the rest of the provinces as if we manipulated the ground center, which is of animal genes and make them more visible in Iraq and now must The Nthoudr wave lobster desert Saattina northwest Africa and the Horn of which his movement heavy rains and widespread and that recently there has fallen and that helps the multiplication of the Desert Locust and emphasized the need for close monitoring over the next six months to prevent these insects from forming swarms devastating the United Nations Organization has issued a a warning in this regard and it will go to the agricultural places and we are in chaos it is certainly find locusts here footstool warm without any control of tampering with what is left of our planting and will move later, when the ends of the implant into humans to attack them and we will enter the cycle of desert locusts after we finish Daash terrorist I wish to take notice Ministry of Agriculture and other institutions of this danger which threatens the future of our agriculture in the context of touches our lives

also the Central Bank of Iraq has issued the paper currency category of the fifty thousand dinars for the purpose of completing the banknotes structure and the development of high-class value in the trading he says we do not know any high turnover remained our We tiger worst our cases, especially in material terms and in most cases some families laments to find five thousand dinars could last day and trying to get by some of what kindly on them that the five thousand, it will benefit from the fifty thousand non-affluent and the owners of assets and who are used to carry packages with both their pockets Gakid that currency will ease from bulging pockets and I and other Snthsr that adorn that currency pockets or they may help us to appearing good when Ntda in the midst of markets and Senbekayaa for a certain period because the role will come to them quickly after Nlok the rest of the salary and we believe that pushing the currency now would have an impact clearly on low Mnadma and income and will help to raise prices and God help us and help us to what's coming in the pinions days.