The arrest of the Director of the Rafidain Bank in Najaf and some of his staff on charges of corruption and sentenced to two years imprisonment for his assistant

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11/12/2015 16:02
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Long-Presse / Baghdad
Announced felonies integrity Court in Najaf on Thursday, the arrest of the Director of the Rafidain Bank in Najaf and his assistant and some of his staff on charges of corruption among the eight accused, and as confirmed version sentenced to two years against assistant bank manager and some of the defendants, referred to the issuance of arrest warrants and to prevent travel and book funds against the defendants two in the case are still at large.

The head of the court, Judge Khudair al-Badri said in a statement issued by the judiciary and received (range Press), a copy of it, that "achieving integrity Court completed the investigation into suspicions of corruption, which affected the Rafidain Bank branch Muslim bin Aqeel," adding that "preliminary estimates of the extent of corruption exceeded one billion dinars. "

Badri said "the arrest of employees of the bank, including a bank manager and his assistant," pointing out that "all of the accused were referred to the criminal court."

He said President of the Court to "the presence of the accused two other fugitives have been issued against them arrest warrants and prevent travel and book their movable and immovable property to force them to surrender," noting that "the Criminal Court issued decisions against some of the defendants, including assistant bank manager imprisonment for a term of two years."
He said President of the Court, that "one of the customers was sentenced to prison for six years for cooperating with employees accused of embezzlement divisive cases in amounts more than 100 million dinars."