Parliamentary financial: 60 trillion debt

Member of the parliamentary Finance Committee on Wednesday, Masood Haider, that expenditures for the 2015 budget will be spent until the end of the year, and confirmed the absence of deficit, he noted that the Ministry of oil will top ministries in 2016 budget allocations. Haider said: «that the general budget expenditures for 2015 totalled 44 trillion dinars until last August, indicating that the expenditures would amount to 60 trillion dinars at the end of this year, noted that the budget will be spent fully 2015». He said: «that the general budget to 2016 allocated the highest amounts of expenditure of ministries to the Ministry of oil, followed by the Ministry of the Interior and then the defence. He said Haider: «the parliamentary Finance Committee will meet to discuss budget for 2016, among some modifications if necessary.