75 deputies vote to convert part of an employee's salary into dollars, Parliament supported a bank expert warns

Head of the Parliamentary Commission on the economy and investment, Jawad Al-Bolani on vote {75} placeholder to convert part of an employee's salary to $ Bolani said in a statement that {75} deputies voted to be part of an employee's salary in dollars, in support of the Iraqi economy, saying that the House members expressed support for this at the relevant economic expert warned Manaf Goldsmith, discharge of part of the salaries of State employees in his dollar because it would hurt the Iraqi economy and national currency, as advised by the activation of economic sectors to be alternative Oil. "said Manaf cannot vote to divert part of the payroll currency is the dollar because that would hurt the Iraqi economy and national currency and will give a sense of a citizen indirectly that the Iraqi dinar will not cause the selected job, but actually says that the dinar remains strong», «currency is not linked to the financial crisis affecting the country, because the crisis has gotten because of low oil prices, calling for the Government to activate the economic sectors to be substitute oil for boosting the national economy and avoid Which might get orgasms as a result of lower oil prices or otherwise.