Association of Banks: Mainstream mistakes harm the reputation of banks and citizens

11/11/2015 18:04

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad confirmed the Association of private banks, on Wednesday, that the circulation of errors that occur when some banks harm the reputation of private banks, calling on the media to be accurate transfer of statements and opinions.

The association said in a statement received by the "tomorrow Press", a copy of it, that "some of the media and social networking sites addressed the topic is not a secret to everyone, which regards private banks trading with the currency auction, organized by the Central Bank of Iraq in previous years, as some authorities I tried touching the reputation of well-known private banks and management directly Iraqi economy ", and is a case of a lack of trust between the citizen and the banking sector."

"The indictment and dissemination of mistakes detrimental to the interests of citizens, and it marks the wrong notes on the reputation of the country's private banking sector, being today the main pillar in the development of investment projects through loans provided to run thousands of the workforce which, as the central bank's opinion on the issue raised recently through the imposition of heavy fines carried out against a number of banks. "

She continued: "We reject any action that could harm the reputation of the country's private banking sector, and emphasize the high Iraqi Elimination our confidence and integrity in the statement of the reality of things for the Iraqi people, as we call upon media organizations to be more accurate in the adoption of the news and the adoption of minute in the news sources serving the public interest ".

She Association that "the Central Bank such as all state institutions, which play their role towards the nation in all scientific and professional Municipality high, but always we have to look at the positive side and the Levant and the record of these institutions and the standing and the continuation of its bid despite the woes of security, financial and economic crises experienced by Iraq during the decades Previous ".

Said it "appreciates the steps the central bank tireless efforts for the use of international institutions consulting and infrastructure development, the electronic systems and are consistent with the orientations of the central bank to address irregularities marked in a window sale and purchase of foreign currency, as well as the central bank monetary and credit policies has been able to maintain the overall financial structure of the state and the banking sector, even though of that there are a lot of parties have great responsibilities in order to reach a sophisticated and integrated economy. "