The decision of the Parliament: disagree with Government issued decisions in law

He said the decision of the House of Imad yokhna, the Parliament disagreed with the Government for issuing decisions in law, a "legislative". Yokhna said each agency in Iraq "for the moment, I don't think that other reforms packages issued, because packets that preceded the problems and objections and note the overlapping laws and overlapping authorities, must be more practical when there is real separation of powers, and also the lack of enactment by the State and implemented directly. He added that "the dispute was about this fundamental point, namely that Government decisions in law of any legislative basis and a lot of books on behalf of the people and this sticking point, a point which is not agreed upon." "We haven't nakhoul Government legislation, but entitled us it to move and support the reforms, coming in the form of resolutions, amendment and cancellation decisions decisions, we endorse them if the interest and support of real reform in the country, either the Government take decisions as pay scalesThe Finance Ministry went to direct execution, this is unacceptable, because it interfered in Legislative Affairs. " Supreme religious reference was made by Sheikh Abdul Mahdi karbalai representative refused to wrap and procrastination "House in implementing reforms. The representative of reference in Karbala, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi karbalai, in a speech Friday that "it was certainly from the outset that those reforms are going to stay on the paths, constitutional and legal frameworks, but here also stressed that it should not take the necessary constitutional and legal track sponsored means by the legislature [Parliament] or other remedial steps to circumvent or procrastination, and procrastination by taking advantage of the declining public pressure at this time". It is worth noting that Parliament had voted at its meeting last week over his refusal to carry out any mandate legislative powers under the Constitution and the separation of powers, what irritated.