The Central Bank issued banknotes 50 000 dinars

Iraqi Central Bank issued banknotes 50 thousand dinars. The Bank said in a statement that "for the purpose of completing the structure of Iraqi banknotes and develop high-value category of trading Bank is pleased to announce to the public by issuing banknotes of 50,000 dinars class dimensions of 65 mm width, 156 mm length and a predominantly light brown color except decoration framework took bold and are printed using high quality print paper with a number of technical and security tags. The face of the financial paper contains "Hijri dates [1436] and [2015] and signed by the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq agency Ali Mohsen Ismail, and the writings of Arabic language [CBI, fifty thousand dinars banknotes issued under the law on the Central Bank of Iraq]". The category also includes 50,000 dinars "serial number of a fraction that contains the numerator and denominator z character sequence in addition to the sequence Edition is a paper break includes numerator and denominator z character sequence Edition in addition to the paper fraction sequence put the number in the right-hand vertical image in down the left side of the paper horizontally. The Central Bank drew attention to the existence of "image of Euphrates waterwheels and Palm in the Centre of the banknote and the picture of a Kurdistan falls on the right side of the sheet,

Thread the buckle warranty by 4 mm in the Middle contains animated effects changes color from green to blue when you tilt the banknote it wrote the words of the CBI. " There is also a new banknote class of 50,000 dinars, according to the statement, "a security tag is printed with invisible magnetic variable color [spark] changes color from blue to green when tilted sheet was developed in the form of Assyrian jar, and advanced security marker known as transparent window in the top right corner of the face of the banknote [top right corner for her] photograph appear minaret Helicobacter in Samarra when placed on a white background with the number appears [50000] when placed on a dark background. "The metal bar that extends from the top of the transparent pungent display banknote contains Palm category number changes color when you tilt the banknote, and structures against attempts of forgery, reproduction, and the blind are four straight horizontal lines in the middle of the left side of the paper, and colored hairs visible and invisible". The Central Bank said that "the watermark [top horse] on the left side of the sheet and the right side of her back," adding that "in the match and a Palm print in the face of an Assyrian half sheet and the other half in the back appears full when the width of the paper to light. His statement on the descriptions and features in the new banknote, saying there is "a sign of high impact and areIs a two [Ziggurat and the number 50000] appear and disappear when tilting the paper, and there is this tag at bottom right corner of the face sheet "citing" watermark and a number [50000] are on the left side of the paper. And the banknote 50 000 between CBE contains "image of Iraq marshes include reeds and a number of house hunters and a group of animals [buffaloes and birds] and Palm Pictures Iraq with planning of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers within a map of Iraq." It also includes writings in English [50000, Fifty Thousand Dinar, Central Bank Of Iraq], and Kurdish [banky NAWA Nada airak, survived Hee visited JD] "pointing" atalaa banknote above Protectant to prolong and protect it from dirt and dust. "