Pentagon established for "the awakening of a second" force of seven thousand fighters

11/11/2015 21:14
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Obama administration recognized the new endeavors to produce the "Sunni awakening again" in Iraq to fight militants (Daash), particularly in Anbar province.
But American officials expect the lack of success of this mission again, as well as the conviction critics of the US administration, that this strategy so far will not be close to the success of its predecessor when it has achieved tangible success in 2007, due to the assassination of many tribal leaders after the departure of US troops Iraq in 2011.

He says US official on these new efforts, "the new process will be slow and may take years if the process has already started on the ground."

Others say officials in the same regard, that regain control of the city of Anbar campaign are the most focused US over the last attempt to form Sunni tribal force remain in the long term and be supported by the Iraqi government, thinking of the United States that this step is the most successful to end the presence of extremists in the country. "

There is no clear evidence about the adoption of the new strategy which is the formation of an awakening Sunni seconds, and if their application would raise questions most important, why the United States did not submit the proposal at the beginning of this year or in the sense explained, why did not encourage him at the beginning of the dominance of militants Daash to Mosul and Anbar?
Pentagon during the last mobility for the collection of thousands of tribal fighters and coordination with the Iraqi security forces, was aimed at luring new elders Anbar Awakening can combat organization in their areas.

Craig Whiteside, a former officer in the US Army from working with the tribes of Anbar in 2007, works today as a lecturer at the Naval College in the United States, specifically in the state of California says, "practically produce the awakening of a Sunni seconds was difficult because key leaders killed by the organization Daash".
He retired officer to gather intelligence information about the tribes in these circumstances is very difficult because of Activity militants Daash in the western regions, indicating cross-search by the Pentagon at the beginning of the current year, a number of former Sunni Awakening fighters killed by the extremist organization during the years 2009 and 2014 have reached the 1345 element.

He said the officer Mkhmna, that quickly organize Daash to penetrate the Iraqi western regions came in 2008 to target the security program. In that year the organization began working cells.
The difficulty of forming a second Sunni Awakening lies, that the Sunni community has to provide conditions for the production of this second security program through cooperation with the Americans and reconciliation with the Iraqi government, because the militants Daash today did not control the Sunni areas only, but also took control of their families.

He said Whiteside, the awakening first formed at a time when thousands of American troops in Anbar and provided air and ground support to the fighters of the Awakening, was a good factors, but today this is non-existent in Iraq.

The Obama administration strategy relies heavily on the Iraqi government and its security forces to take the initiative to involve the Sunni tribal forces to fight militants Daash.
In the meantime, Colonel Staڤn Warren, a spokesman for US forces in Baghdad, told "The Times" British, "the Iraqi government is encouraging the training of tribal fighters, and the United States provide advice and supervision, said there directly between them and the tribal forces through the exchange of military information network."

And tribal forces continue training for 10 days and will be held in the al-Assad Jawatin rules and progress, as well as Camp Taji.
He said Colonel Warren, that there are 1000 fighter of the year before me involved with military operations around Ramadi, security forces to regain control of it, and involved about 1110 other fighters in military operations near Baghdad.

The Iraqi government and the armed tribal forces with light weapons, as well as the enjoyment of a few American weapons the United States has previously provided, according to Colonel Warren.
He said a US official, speaking on condition of anonymity, volunteered to 7,000 tribal fighters, trained actually 3,500 fighters, according to the official statement to the British newspaper The Times, denying the same time, the production of "Sunni awakening again" efforts crashes because of the assassination of former members of the Awakening.

The official added, that the current fighters want Revenge of the organization Daash because insurgents killed their parents and their families have been displaced so doubled their efforts and their determination. However, there are big questions loom about whether horizon forces intern was able to crush the militants Daash or not?

And adopt the Sunni Awakening in the second case of its industry, by clicking on the Baghdad government run by Haider al-Abadi create a new force and National Guard are working in an official capacity in the Sunni areas and calculates the content of her salary from Baghdad.
And seem legislation this power parliamentary hampered for several months, as some people believe that the al-Abadi is unable to approve the law so amid resistance by the players backed by Iran.
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translation: Ahmed Alaa