The Central "fine" banks that smuggled billions!!

Baghdad/Iraq News Network a document issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, imposed fines of Iraqi banks eligibility switched forged documents during the years 2013-2014, an amount approximately the 45 billion dollars, while the Iraqi dinar fine with what approach the $ 140 million. the document recalls that "27 Iraqi banks managed to convert some of the $ 45 billion in forged documents and incomplete for the years 2013-2014 as transfers window buying and selling currency." and explains that "the CBI to impose fines on the Iraqi dinar banks amounted to 170 billion Iraqi dinars which nearly 140 million dollars. "the book was issued by the Central Bank of Iraq issue 1136 on 1 March 2015, in which it decided to" reduce the fines imposed on infractions (decrease) from 200% to 100%. "banks covered by these fines are" Adib-Assyria-summer-the country's Islamic-Iraqi trade-Dar es Salaam-Middle East Iraq-credit-Jehan-French-Lebanese Middle East & Africa-beinos-National Islamic-Baghdad-Iraq-Babylon-Kurdistan-frnsink-SDL-accreditation-commercial-Erbil-Tigris and Euphrates-Huda-antrkoltinnal ".