The Basra border ports has doubled revenue
By: wab1
Date: Thursday, 12-11-15 12:22 am

Basra Governorate Council announced the doubling of revenue land border ports

And Navy within the province as a result of the decline of the Iraqi Government on the application of the law on customs tariffs, as well as the decision to increase the sales tax on certain types of imported goods, the Commission invited the Council to border ports not to ratify the balancing act next year before deleting the paragraph provides for the application of the tariff Act.

The head of the provincial Council of good morning in an interview with Franck "disciple" to "revenue land and maritime border located in the County more than doubled four times after undo applying tariff Act, and then freeze the sales tax increase", stating that "the jump in revenue was proof that such laws and decisions failed and detrimental to the national economy, and that the House approved.

Franck also drew attention to the "Ministry of finance no longer possesses the power to make such decisions in the future to infect South border, since four days before the transfer of powers to the provinces," adding that "conservatives supposed to oppose such decisions improvisational counterproductive consequences for the economic situation."

For his part, said border crossings in the provincial Council, Morteza alshhamani cream that border ports in Basra have emerged from recession after the stopping of the customs tariff law implementation and increase the sales tax on certain types of imported goods, adding that "the border between Safwan port Iraq and Kuwait achieved during the first four days of the current month revenue billion dinars".

Alshhamani pointed out that "the provincial Council opposed the reintroduction of the law on customs tariff over the next year", adding that "the border Committee asked some members of the provincial Council during a meeting two days ago at the headquarters of the Council not to pass the budget bill before deleting the paragraph which provides for application of the law on customs tariff".

The Chairman of the Committee emphasized that the land border ports in the province is still poorly developed, it lacks basic services ", stating that" the provincial Council spends money for the development of these ports, and today some six million was disbursed for the purpose of lighting the Shalamjah border port.