Leaks new corruption-Maliki: MDF channel

Writings Wednesday, November 11.2015

Ahmed Al Nuaimi wrote:

A new leaks in Baghdad for one of the Khvaya financial files of corruption previous government of Nuri al-Maliki include information and documentation refers to the last channel space funding for 'prospects' of public money, particularly from the budget of the Iraqi Council of Ministers of Finance.

Quoted local sites Iraqi different from the one employed in the channel as saying that 'al-Maliki, founded and financed the channel of public money and pay nor its staff of journalists, technicians and administrators from the government, which was headed for eight years and was overthrown in a bloodless coup led political blocs budget salaries still'.

According to the leaks, the million dollars a month, the total disbursements comprehensive channel for staff salaries and wages and the financing of broadcasting the station's offices in nine countries, most notably Baghdad and Beirut, Tehran, Cairo and London. According to leaks published by the agency 'Sumer News' Iraq started, the channel continues to be funded from the government's budget (public money) and caused a waste of large sums of money from the Iraqi state budget funds and Channel 9 are distributed in Iran, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Turkey, Britain and the United States and Sweden offices and managed 36 mostly staff non-Iraqis.

Leaks indicated that the '512 channel acted as an associate in their salaries directly from the office of former Prime Minister and current Vice President Nuri al-Maliki in career these workers attributed the title to the Prime Minister's Office or the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers or inform the Council of Ministers'.

She noted that the '20 dunums was allocated as property belonging to the channel in the reign of Nuri al-Maliki in 2009 from the ground of the airport Muthanna belonging to the municipality of Al-Mansour in Baghdad have been calculated in the amount of one hundred thousand dinars ($ 85) per meter at a time exceeds the price per square meter in the area three thousand dollars. "

She added that 'all the channel staff's 512 affiliate has been deployed to the various countries of the world in the training courses of one month in Tehran, Cairo, Beirut, Paris and disposal of large sums of money to them in those training courses', adding that' a number of other print media Ksahv Union, advocacy and Radio prospects, radio and magazine girl Huda Huda grip of the Dawa Party, all of which acted allocations employees and employees of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers'.

Leak of this information comes at a time when the Green Zone and the Iraqi parliament witnessing the intensification of the controversy between the political parties and blocs following the political reforms launched by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi early last August.

And it launched dozens of satellite channels, newspapers and magazines to work in Iraq after 2003, mostly belonging to political parties and blocks and spent on these channels and newspapers from the state budget, especially during the governments of al-Maliki, between 2006-2014, according to observers. Activists and publish an initial list of more than 35 satellite channels in the country said they are subject to direct supervision by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards but funded by public money.

Media Mohammed al-Khuzai said that 'the state budget is wasted eerily on these channels, newspapers and magazines without fruitful goal is no point returning to Iraq but to the deployment of sectarian sedition and superstitions that do not suit the habits and traditions of the Iraqi people, but it caused the tearing the social fabric to sow divisions and strife sectarian obnoxious'.
He explained Khuzai if we know that the cost of the line on the satellite Rent cost nearly 500 thousand dollars a year and wages guests who host these channels up to 100 thousand dollars at least annually as well as the wages of the live broadcast and other disbursements, the total disbursements per channel per year over 1.0005 million dollars a year and a simple calculation, we find that this preliminary list, which includes 35 satellite channel, we find that the total is paid by the Iraqi state budget of more than $ 50 million a year and this is a real disaster '.

He criticized the book and media and intellectuals what they described as media heresy in Iraq and the spread of dozens of newspapers and satellite channels, mostly belonging to political parties act by the State.
The author said Sameh Almamori that 'what happened in Iraq after 2003 never anything unreasonable in the media giant and dangerous side and thefts of the Iraqi budget because of these channels at a time when the Iraqi people are suffering from hunger, poverty, unemployment and insecurity'.

And between Almaoura he has to make the former prime minister and current vice president of the republic during his reign between 2006 -2014 of the Iraqi media farce and the right to take the state budget spent on these channels that broadcast their toxins sectarian clock '.