Central Bank announces issuing banknotes fifty thousand Dinars category
Date: 11/11/2015 15:33

Central Bank of Iraq, announced Wednesday, issuing banknotes fifty thousand Dinars category, pointing out that the banknote will be painted light brown and bearing specifications difficult to forge.
The bank said in a statement seen by Agency / information /, that "for the purpose of completing the Iraqi securities structure and the development of high-value category in circulation, the Central Bank of Iraq is pleased to announce banknotes category (50000) dinars (fifty thousand dinars)."
The bank added that "The paper Anakkadih will be the dimensions of 65 mm width 0.156 mm length and predominantly light brown color except Framework decorations that took bold color," adding that it "has Tabaatha using high-quality printing paper quality with a number of security and technical marks In which".
The statement continued, "it was paint banknote protective coating in order to extend the life of the paper and protect it from dirt and dust," .anthy 25 K.
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