Cabinet authorizes foreign fees voluntary return of Iraqi refugees

The Council of Ministers held its forty-third regular meeting yesterday reviewed the considerable progress made by Iraqi forces throughout Anbar, Bayji, edits in various areas and on civilian life. According to a statement by the Cabinet "discussed the issue of refugees and displaced Iraqis abroad, and decided to form a Committee headed by a representative of the Foreign Ministry, the Prime Minister, representatives of a number of ministries with taking appropriate action for the present crisis involving asylum, the Foreign Ministry authorization validity passport issuance fees to pay such fees could for Iraqis who want to return voluntarily." The Board agreed to receive rice crop planting season 2015, according to the agricultural plan, same price installed under Cabinet of Ministers decision No. 85 of 2014 to allocate the amounts required for reimbursement of peasants and farmers in financial allocations to support the purchase of local wheat walshlb in material balance in 2016, and the ministries of agriculture and commerce to reconsider the prices of wheat crop planting season 2015 2016, walshlb for the 2016 2017 season. And decided

The Ministry of Finance Council to negotiate with the Japanese side to sign new notes include transfer of loan allocations to projects in safe areas in Anbar and other provinces. The Cabinet agreed to allocate a piece of land with an area of 100 acres of Basrah International Airport to the Ministry of transport for the purpose of establishing an integrated complex hotel services through investment. The Board also approved the participation of the Republic of Iraq in the twenty-first Conference of United Nations Framework Convention on climate change.