hmm..Governor of the CBI Responding to statements that relate to monetary policy
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Thread: hmm..Governor of the CBI Responding to statements that relate to monetary policy

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    CBI PDF: Governor of the CBI Responding to statements that relate to monetary policy

    PDF from CBI Site translated but def worth another translation:

    Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq
    Responding to statements that relate to monetary policy

    It was noted recently by some of the non-professionals, has launched remarks on policy
    Cash and the work of the Iraqi Central Bank, has been characterized by the majority of those statements fallacies
    And pessimism and Althbit, either because of the absence of an accurate understanding, intent is the objective, which stems from the
    Different motives linked to the political reality and Almnaavat and interests.
    The Central Bank's policy is well-established distance Baidaan debates and reactions to the statements
    However, the size of the inaccuracies and confusion reached a level of stability and detrimental to the public and Astaqraralsouk
    Externally damaging the reputation of Iraq and the consequent serious effects on financial transactions Iraq
    And monetary and banking, which invites us to clarify some things and as follows:
    1. The Central Bank is working on the application of parallel policy to maintain the overall stability of prices
    And curbing inflation as the basis of objective and task under the law of the president of the bank, and the same
    While it is working to maintain the reserves of the dinar and the prevailing high coverage despite
    Economic conditions prevailing and known to everyone, and is thus kept his family and keep
    The purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar.
    And waste of concerns about the value of the dinar and international reserves refer to the following facts:
    A. With the decline in the dollar that resource, because of lower oil prices, are still
    Sufficiency level of reserves but much higher and according to international criteria
    Namely: the standard coverage of the local currency equivalent of foreign currency, and the ability of Reserves to cover imports for a period of 6 months.
    (B) International Monetary Fund forecast at the beginning of 2015 and the arrival of the reserve to 40 billion
    Dollars at the end of the year, we have explained at the time that the reserve will be up to 60 billion
    Dollars at the end of that year and months after the beginning of the year the fund was amended forecast Estimated reserve of 50 billion dollars, and still we had expected, according to the data and indicators
    We have the actual reserve - as we expected - it will be up to the 60 billion.
    (C) was the difference between our purchases of the dollar (from the Ministry of Finance) and sales of the dollar
    For the period from 01/01/2015 up to 09/30/2015, the difference amounted to about $ 600 million
    Per month, and the Central Bank to cover this difference to achieve a balance in the balance
    Payments and maintain the exchange rate and therefore the general level of prices, and
    It is clear that even with the continued decline in oil prices and thus lower revenues from
    The dollar can continue to reserve enough coverage and adequate presence of about 60
    Billion dollars of reserves.
    (D) that what is happening from the low and high in reserves is frequent occurrence in countries
    Dependent on oil exports, has happened in the year 2009 when it declined
    Oil prices, then the Bank amounted to sales ratio of the dollar to its purchases of dollar
    148% and then returned to Araam new reserves after prices returned to their rates
    the above.
    - The common mistakes connect low or high reserves the central bank, as the
    This reserve is governed by the nature of the composition and the nature of the use of outside control or Bank Control
    Central and exemplified in:
    1. The set of the dollar is doomed to exports of crude oil: the quantity and price, and sources
    Other virtually non-existent (remittances from abroad, whether from living abroad or
    Foreign investment, or non-oil exports).
    2. The state budget expenses represent the main source of aggregate demand for goods 2. The state budget expenses represent the main source of aggregate demand for goods
    The services, which are mostly imported, due to the absence of local productive Qaeda.
    3. The migration of money from Iraq is a clear phenomenon because of the situation of the country.
    4. continuing shortfall in the state budget and covered loans and bonds
    And Alhawwalatohma means an increase in money supply which is not offset by revenue dollarised, this creates
    Additional demand for imported goods and services by more than received by the Central Bank of
    Dollar, which usually exchanged and the Ministry of Finance in Iraqi dinars through the bank.
    Thus, the factors that control Configure backup, are outside the control of the Central Bank, and
    Over the reserve under what consists of the difference between the dollar sales through the bank window and Purchases
    Bank of the dollar from the Ministry of Finance If any are set forth
    Here arises a question about the possibility of central bank control the amount of sales through the restrictions put on
    Sale and conversion processes, say that restrict the sale of dollar operations and the results lead to the following phenomena:
    First, contrary to the guidelines of the International Monetary Fund, which agreed and committed by States
    Memberships (including Iraq).
    Second: the restriction intersects with the Central Bank Law, which stipulates in Article 28 thereof on
    (Buying or selling simple unconditional "cash or deferred" of foreign exchange).
    Third, create a significant deviation between the official rate and the market price of obscene and achieve gains
    For speculators, brokers, and lead to a general rise in prices and damage by force
    Purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar.
    Fourth: the practice of cheating, forgery and fraud and corruption in order to get
    Quantities of the dollar.
    From the point of view of the Central Bank if it is to be maintained on the reserve requires, processors
    Structural and structural macroeconomic and financial policies (revenues, expenses, taxes ...)
    Such as :
    stimulate national production and diversify the local productive base to reduce the demand for
    Imports and therefore on the dollar. The Central Bank initiative Customize
    Loan of $ 6 trillion dinars initiative pour into this trend.
    Reduce the budget deficit to less extent possible, to prevent the cash that is not offset by expansion
    Dollar resources, thus increasing the demand for goods and services that are in
    Mostly imported.
    providing political, economic and security stability factors to curb the flow of money
    Abroad, and an increase in savings and investments inside Iraq.
    Apply deactivated to protect local product laws (Customs Tariff Law Consumer Protection Act, Product Protection Act, the anti-dumping law)
    the performance of state institutions related Balastairadat for her roles , in the granting of licenses
    In the control and control and obtaining fees and charges and the provision of databases National .- The role of the Central Bank in accordance with the law and the law against money-laundering is forcing banks Financial institutions applying the principle of " know your customer " to verify the sources of funds that
    Enter the process of buying the dollar , and in this regard, the bank has taken a number of measures
    And important steps (preventive and deterrent ) , and will be posted on the central bank website where
    There is no room here to explain the details.
    2. Some of the statements contained in the invitation to the Central Bank of the expertise and advice
    Specialized international institutions, and here we refer to the following:
    (A) that the bank founding member of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, in addition to organizations
    Arab financial and territory and international, and the World Bank in communication and consultation and understanding with those organizations,
    But that the rules work in the joints of his control is the foundation of the principles and rules
    Conventions and recommendations issued by these organizations, for example, the window
    Sale of foreign currency in the Central Bank, and management of international reserves are governed by principles
    Guidelines for the International Monetary Fund, and applied by the member states agreed on by
    Including Iraq, and so in the rest of respects exercised by the Bank in accordance with the best standards
    International practices
    (B) The Central Bank has consulting contracts with the best international consultancy firms
    And Arab and international institutions audit and review , and continuously expand the channels in the Bank
    Counseling , in addition to the support received by the Bank from organizations and international central banks
    And Arab , Islamic and take advantage of the free services by virtue of membership in Iraq or By virtue of the bilateral relations and Memoranda of Understanding .
    C - where the electronic systems and software have become a framework and a way for the organization of business and
    And through practices can attract the best practices reached by the world Advanced , the Central Bank Toruwaytor of Information Technology with the help of Bhraat Global with the latest software and techniques , and can be found on the infrastructure it currently In this bank , and say proudly as the best among all state institutions , and models Those regulations , the payments system and the clearing and settlement , which is currently applied by a Bank
    One of the most advanced systems in the region and the world , and which also provides day base For the application and development of electronic payment systems in all its forms through the National divider
    Which came into work now , either the bank in the process of starting a system Comprehensive banking Core Banking System which is the largest in an electronic program The banking world and which represents a historic shift in the Bank's work
    (D) that the human resources in the central bank - as opposed to state institutions represent Alakhary-
    Stable resources of this institution did not leave despite what Iraq has passed through the circumstances , therefore,
    They have the resources accumulated experience and tender, and these resources are of special support
    Organizations and international and regional banks and Arab financial institutions , and perhaps the number of sessions
    Training and workshops which contribute to the bank 's staff are the highest among the state institutions .As we have strengthened cadre Bank has appointed top graduates from universities and graduate studies , as well as
    The appointment of graduates from outside Iraq ( educational initiative ) the terms of reference related to the work
    Bank. This, as well as doing Banking Studies Center (one of the formations of this bank ) of training programs And rehabilitation throughout the year.
    3. The Bank will soon launch Strutijeth for the years 2020 to 2016 , it was built to last Global developments in the banking and financial sector , the latest trends and tasks emerging from
    Developments in financial and monetary crises, which was born and developed functions and roles of banks
    Central , the first strategy in the history of the Central Bank in the method of construction and in the Content and direction , and on the basis of overall quality and standards in preparation , with the introduction of The formation of a special monitoring and evaluation .Finally , that is some Maordnah which invites us all to pride in this important institution , And the responsibility of us all to look at them a professional look objective to serve the interest both locally and internationally , and that This bank is fully prepared to inform the interested ordered the bank , inform them of the field and documentaries , on
    Policies, procedures and plans , and our doors are open for this purpose
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    Re: hmm..Governor of the CBI Responding to statements that relate to monetary policy

    Swift Banking info on the CBI contact us page:

    Swift wasn't on the site in April of this year per web or in August:

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    Re: hmm..Governor of the CBI Responding to statements that relate to monetary policy

    Great find CanT!!

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