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World Bank gives Salahuddin $ 26 million and the popular crowd mechanism to restore the 34 constituencies of the governorate

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10/11/2015 14:32
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Long-Presse / Salahuddin
Salah al-Din Provincial Council, announced on Tuesday, the World Bank's approval to spend $ 26 million to meet the needs of the health of Salah al-Din circle, as he emphasized that the amount will be provided in the form of wheels ambulances and mobile clinics, pointed to the re-34 belonging to the rotor to maintain the mechanism by the popular crowd.

The head of the Council Karim Ahmed in an interview with the (long-Presse) that "the World Bank approved the payment of $ 26 million to meet the needs of the Department of Health Salah al-Din, will be presented in the form of 25 ambulances and eight mobile clinics and two itinerant hospital.
He added Karim that he "visited the health department of the province and met its General Manager Omar morning, and discussed with him the distribution of these mechanisms and hospitals on the liberated areas plan four and especially covered by the program of the bank which is Dhuluiya role, Tikrit and science", adding that "the leadership of the popular crowd returned the 34 different mechanism owned by circles State in town and returned eight cars and Hvlat civilians after verification of its ownership. "

And eighth President of the Council, "the leadership of the crowd and his decision to return these mechanisms, despite the need for military operations in her eagerness," adding that "the municipal Directorate in Salahuddin developed a matrix of mechanisms of its property as a prelude to a request for retrieval later."

The MP for Salahuddin Shaalan Karim province, called on Tuesday the United Nations to take care of and organizing an international conference to gain the necessary support for the reconstruction of cities of the province liberated, and with the weakness of attention in cities steadfast criticized in front of terrorism, UNHCR confirmed its support for the conference.

The Council of Salahuddin province, announced on Friday (November 6, 2015), that the World Bank will launch a rehabilitation and reconstruction in the liberated towns campaign soon accordance with the priorities set by the dialogues and workshops sessions, as he emphasized that the Baiji spend joined the list of affected cities, he noted The service sectors will be a priority for the rehabilitation plan.

It is noteworthy that the Government of Salah al-Din, the relay with the World Bank through the reconstruction of liberated cities Cooperation Fund program gives an opportunity to get a loan for a period of ten years, through Baghdad, more than $ 200 million.

The Council of Salahuddin province, called on Wednesday (the fifth of August 2015), the United Nations office in Iraq (UNAMI) to visit the liberated areas and see the scale of destruction and need areas for reconstruction and support, while stressing the need to activate its role in re-displaced, demanded that the program United Nations long-term.

The governor of Salahuddin Raed al-Jubouri, announced, in (15 Maysan 2015) that the central government has allocated five billion dinars for the reconstruction of bridges in the city and was awarded the province wider powers to re-displaced people, in the first meeting in the city of Tikrit after its liberation, while called on parliament to pass laws agreements with the World Bank and fund the reconstruction of the affected cities.

The process (Beck, O Messenger of God II), launched in (the 14th of October the current 2015), to liberate northern Salahuddin regions, (170 km north of Baghdad) from the three-axis, and it has achieved results "impressive" results in the liberation of more than thousand km 2, including the Baiji refinery. (40 km north of Tikrit), and progress towards the Hamrin and Hawija, while the joint forces in control of Samarra, south of Tikrit.