Parliamentary Finance nominate Faleh applicable to the post of Chairman of the Committee rather than the deceased Chalabi
Date: 10/11/2015 16:13

Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, on Tuesday, on the nomination of MP Faleh applicable to the post of Chairman of the Committee, succeeding Ahmed Chalabi, who died last week of a heart attack, while suggesting that it will hold its tomorrow for the purpose of voting on it.

He said committee member Ahmed Sarhan Sarhan told / information / "The Finance Committee will hold its Wednesday for the purpose of study and discussed in more detail, as well as study the amendments on tables relating to the financial benefits to government institutions and ministries."

He added Sarhan (a deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance) that "the Finance Committee will discuss the character selection which will occupy the post of Chairman of the Committee and vote on it," pointing out that "the candidate to fill the position mentioned MP Faleh in force as of the citizen bloc to which he belongs Ahmad Chalabi." Finished / 25's