Experts describe the tax system "broken" and stress: the Government is looking for easy income

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Experts stressed that the taxation system "deformed and disabled", despite the attempts of "timid" to fix, they antagonized the economic reform "is not" without reform of the tax system, and that this is a "real challenge" for the Government, while among the Economic Adviser to the President of the Government, the lack of accurate statistics forced the Government to find "easy tax collection and management, and the General Commission for taxes as revenue reached one billion and $ 350 million in 2014 and would increase over this year, and called for the parliamentary Finance Committee, to raise awareness in the community.
The parliamentary Finance Committee, promised that Iraq lacks a culture of awareness of certain tax need general Commission for taxes to intensify its dissemination and promotion as it requires it to modify its law.

The Rapporteur of the Committee, said Ahmed Rashid, parenchyma (term), "Iraq lacks a culture of awareness of tax as a result of the lack of industrial and commercial activities and investment", returned to Parliament "has failed to enact laws supporting taxation what scruffy country significant financial resources that could help their budgets that rely almost totally on oil."
He added, "many investment companies and industrial and business operating in Iraq evading taxes, but they come out their capital outside Iraq, lest paid, he says that" the absence of tax awareness among citizens and traders require General Commission for taxes to intensify its dissemination and promotion as it requires it to modify its law. "

In turn, Member of the Union of accountants, said Mohsen shoird, (range), that "the tax regime in Iraq put the internal economy was a dominant it centrally, since the country is rich in oil," adding that "tax legislation did not receive the necessary attention by society and the State."
Shoird, felt that "Iraq still lacks true justice in taxation, despite the many laws after 2003", stating that "taxes levied on specific doors without taking into account the standard of living, including those recently imposed by the Government on certain goods, as part of its efforts to break out of the current financial crisis, or those imposed on ownership and on certain types of imported goods.

Member of the Union of accountants, "he said," the reform of the Iraqi economy will not be without a reform of the tax system, "returned" is the real challenge for the Government to achieve the reforms. "

Since the first law of taxation legislation in Iraq one year 1927, until the completion of the Act (No. 113), 1982, no development or change in the tax legislation, as a result of the former regime's preoccupation with wars over economic trend, after change in 2003, the Coalition Provisional Authority order No. (49) which reduce the tax ranged from 40 to 60% in the case of companies, to between 3-15%, but it seems that this "did not achieve justice" social tax system, nor did they add only 1% The value of GDP.

So I returned Academy that the tax regime in Iraq "deformed and disabled", despite the attempts of "timid" for reform by the Government, saying that the Government's actions "will not yield" important financial resource and not tax justice. The Academy said hammoudi, swagger to (range), the tax regime in Iraq distorted and disabled despite attempts shy of the current Government to fix by resolution the national savings and subtract a portion of employees ' salaries, usually it will achieve an important financial resource for the State and doesn't tax justice. " Hammoudi added that "tax that will come from employee salaries don't clog the only two percent, any two trillion dinars, of budget deficit, 25 trillion dinars, and the financial savings would be redistributed to staff again."
While his company, applicable taxes today are "stealing" because the State does not provide concrete services to citizens.

He said Abu nashwan, told the (extent), the "applicable taxes today constitute theft, upheavals that" tax paid for better services, water, electricity, health and cleaner streets, parks and entertainment, etc., and these are non-existent or underdeveloped and will evolve ". Surprised at his company, "leaving the State capitalists large and lavish salaries of senior officials, and stuck to the simple or merchant or citizen to take amounts without vs.
Abu nashwan, felt that "tax in Iraq far from justice", asking, "does it make sense to pay taxes exceed a quarter of the value of residential or Casablanca car when transferring ownership.

The source said the General Commission for taxes, (range), that "tax revenue while lowering the tax rate of 15 percent, but it's more than the previous one, due to the expansion of economic activity and cites", stating that "the Commission revenue for general tax in 2014, exceeded one billion and $ 350 million, registered a growth of 13 percent by 2013",

The source, who requested anonymity, that the "constitute great success despite losing four border revenue authority, and more than eight branches, because the repercussions of the terrorist gangs daash takeover of large areas of the country after the 10th of June 2014", expected to last "increase revenue by 2015.
The source said taxation, "tax does not apply to all production sectors, does not include the agricultural sector, although it constitutes between five to six percent of the national GDP, and industrial sector taxable except that it does not pay its requirements for being weak and not functioning well," the sectors that are taxed are petroleum sector, especially companies licensing rounds, which goes to the State directly, according to contracts with the Ministry Oil ".