Specialists: the Government knows the dollar smuggling. The task of the Central Bank "oversight" and not sell

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Baghdad/range press

Count Antoine name Economist, on Monday, that Iraqi imports "exaggerated" and must be codified to conserve foreign currency, the Central Bank its primary mission of eliminating inflation and control banks and not sell the dollar, "whales" exploited the huge differences between the sale price of the dollar in Bank wemaibaa in market for fictional profits, inviting stakeholders to intervene to bring the situation under control.

And economist by the name of Antoine in program (NAS and Government) which broadcasts channel range, during the episode devoted to the discussion of file corruption, you are given the extent of the late Ahmed Chalabi, said that "a large part of our lives depend on imports despite it's real but exaggerated".
Antoine said that "the role of the Central Bank is to eliminate inflation, not sell, and also mission control banks and commercial banks, and President oversee monetary policy, stating that it" was supposed to not exceeding the difference between the Central Bank and the market price of 2%, but the price has exceeded the 3-40 land. "

The Economist said that "whales take these amounts back to sell and are the main beneficiaries of this issue", adding that "the problem is that most banks are not the separation of management and capital, began with laissez-faire dollar leaked illegally."

And between Antoine ", the Central Bank decided to meet the demand for the dollar and select Parliament 75 million dollars for sale daily, and here the dollar began to fall", "to what extent we can bring the dollar to meet demand not to price rises".

The Economist stressed that "exercising regulatory role in this regard, by contrast, must increase internal Iraqi employment in this area."
He was specialized in the banking sector, attributed (9 April 2015) the dollar rise before the dinar, to Central Bank actions for customs and tax fees deducted in advance, and called for a "freeze", while the expected continued decline in value of the Iraqi dinar, stressed the need for the abolition of article 50 of the budget relating to the determination of the sales dollar.

As Iraqi citizens complained, (27 March 2015), the rising prices of materials and goods in Iraqi markets, while asking the Government to support and follow up and determine the prices of goods on the market, confirmed that the instability of the dollar were behind the confusion of the Iraqi market.
The dollar rose to up the price in the domestic market, from about 1120 early 2015 present approximately 1133 currently.