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Is Abadi Parliament will or will deliver the arrest of al-Maliki!?

Saad al-Samarrai Monday, November 09 .2015

The conscious mind is capable of respecting the ideas of others even if it did not believe its source or came out burnt have thought different from his approach or released from the orbit of a second, and ideas whatever their origin, they arise from reason and purpose, if the goal which would adopt the decision-maker in line with why he his choice, the end justifies the means and be here means purpose of a course correction or improve it because it will lead to the launch of the hand to make the change or repairs and thus strengthen the position of the decision-maker, and Iraq is urgently needed now to the work of reform is not only political, but on all levels because corruption Msthari and pervasive in all aspects of and state institutions and threaten its existence and more serious is the survival of the corrupt in power and that the different positions, but they are still engaged in corruption without the expense.
Obviously Through also of the Chalabi documents prove that corruption in Iraq began since the founding of the so-called elected government headed by al-Maliki in two phases is considered al-Maliki, the mastermind and founder of the corruption that violates the so-called constitution primer or their constitution themselves many Valtjaozac myriad For this they are no spoilers stand against any chance of reform or reconciliation and to involve the rest of the Iraqi people although they are the majority, so that the survival of infinite power and legislation in their hand qualifies them to continue in this chaos and destruction that has hit all sections of the Iraqi state. The summarized and Attbtaat documents that will be unveiled that Nuri al-Maliki and his party (Party call), are the cause of democratic transition in Iraq and the failure of rampant corruption and chaos and sectarian killings and then lost third of the country and deprive the absolute majority of Iraq cadres qualified to lead the institutions successfully.

It was a command in the Book of God come in three ways: 1_omr intended obligatory .. 2 is intended to Undesirableness 3 is intended to permissibility after the ban - (Imam Shafi'i), and what was Abadi position is weak and lacks for the award of a parliamentary Therefore, it can not follow the example of a way Lord's orders, but ordering the intended Undesirableness, if any Abadi has lost his supporters in parliament because of corruption and the desire of the majority of them the return of the Persian Alaham dependency .. Visttia Abadi decisions that prevents Parliament to dust if they do not, it is volatile in the air Sidas pedicure! Mr. Abadi. However permission decisions that affect and tickle sensations people first to gain their trust and support .. and it gets so the Bmsttall and constitutionally overcome his opponents by waving to dissolve parliament, and more importantly eliminate the head of the snake and their engine.
What say their constitution?!
From Eighth - House of Representatives
First, dissolve the House of Representatives, by an absolute majority of its members, at the request of one-third of its members or a request from the Prime Minister and the consent of the President of the Republic, .. only has to Atahabb with President of the Republic or makes others believe that he will get this approval it
Second, invite the President of the Republic, when the dissolution of the House of Representatives, to the general elections in the country within a maximum period of sixty days from the date of dissolution, is the Council of Ministers in this case have resigned, and continues to run everyday,
Accordingly, the process may be contested exchange, the president of the republic in his hand a note to reconciliation and the involvement of other sects mission in Iraq and unable to change the bitter reality Vbaltuaq and approval accelerates Abadi work of reconciliation then earns the majority of the demonstrators and the President of the Republic and the other hand supports the President of the Republic procedures and request Abadi Bama dissolve parliament and call for new elections or the assignment of al-Maliki and his clique to crack, especially that of the President of the Republic has sensed the danger that awaits Iraq's parliament and thus becomes a seal bought from al-Maliki and putting his finger! O-Abadi is not afraid of America still do not Taiedk ,, We ... conditions .. and do not forget that the constitution qualifies Abadi on the removal of the chairman of the Supreme Judicial If halt against its decisions.