Finance Committee: 200 billion dollars were smuggled out of Iraq through four States. Central and loosely with spoilers

A meeting scheduled Tuesday between the President of the parliamentary Finance Commission Ahmad Chalabi with the integrity Commission to discuss the fate of billions of dollars that were smuggled out of the country. But the sudden death of Chalabi postponed the meeting until "further notice".
Financial stresses parliamentary ownership documents and views figures include companies with "money laundering", indicating that the Central Bank did not take any action against these banks, after disclosure through newspaper (range).

The Committee appreciates the financial funds diverted abroad since 2006 at about 200 billion dollars, indicating banks and companies involved in these operations across four States and then go to unknown destinations.
The role of parliamentary integrity Commission revealed that exposure to political pressure to stop investigations into money laundering, they get corrupt files via (fiber) by officials and citizens after the deliberate disruption by some State institutions.
Started (range), since early this week, the publication of documents of the corruption and smuggling hard currency, prepared by the Chairman of the Finance Committee, Ahmad Chalabi before his departure.

Political blocks described a series of documents published by the (term) as "very serious", calling for a broad and serious investigation, warning of dangerous procrastination.

Attorney acknowledges Masood Haider, a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee, "the existence of such documents published by an institution that talked about corruption in the auction currency run by the Central Bank", adding that his Committee "were discussing these files since last year".

He said Haidar, (range), saying "there are lots of official documents which we have been returning to the Central Bank, detailing accounts of some banks including civil Middle East banks, Huda and Erbil".

Mp attached block change Kurdish role these banks and their performance, saying "these banks were the shops, and not civil, and banks were operating in the auction currency only".

Member of the Finance Committee is following the "Iraqi oil revenues since 2006 to 2014 reached 551 billion dollars", stating that "more than 312 billion dollars of this amount was transferred outside Iraq added Government imports estimated at 115 billion dollars over the past years".

Haider stressed that "the Finance Committee in the Chamber of Deputies possess extensive and detailed files on money laundering". He noted that "the Financial Committee, reached through these documents and files obtained a larger smuggling of funds over the past years amounting to more than 200 billion dollars".
Kurdish lawmaker accused "Mafia organization behind the money-laundering operations which got and get to the Iraqi capital", pointing out that "the funds diverted to Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and the UAE", adding that "there are substantial amounts are converted to figure 20 boost then disappear".

Member of the Finance Committee, says that "money laundering operations were carried out in the name of fake companies and personalities", adding "we expect their association with terrorist groups". And stresses that "the Finance Committee owns the documents that talk about the movements of such companies in the Central Bank within and outside Iraq will be disclosed".

Masood Hyder, Deputy asserts that "the Central Bank has not taken any action against the banks and companies that demonstrated the same breach Bank that was raised by the Committee's Chairman Ahmed Chalabi", urging the Central Bank to "take strict measures on private banks".
The Central Bank has approved the first Sunday, the documentation covered by term foundation on hard currency, pointing to take legal action all right offending banks and companies in this regard.

And the Bank that the procedures included the lawsuits and large fines.

The Deputy Minister said Majida Al-Tamimi, a member of the Finance Committee's (range), that "the Committee has been, and continues to work as a team to follow up the files uncovered by the late Chairman, Ahmad Chalabi, and other issues that have not been announced yet", adding that "the Commission's correspondence with many banks to keep track of the amounts obtained from the auction of Central Bank and many other relevant matters"

And Tamimi confirmed that "follow-up to economic profiles will not stop with the departure of Chalabi", stating that "the Commission has taken several measures in preparation for the submission of spoilers for the judiciary".
She is a member of the Finance Committee that "the Committee managed to raise by one of the judges involved in the money laundering files and take the necessary legal measures, in cooperation with the Federal Court, to hide corrupted files in the rasafa appeals court in collusion with corrupt people in Lebanon", stressing that "the Committee do its work in secrecy and away from the media".
Tamimi said that "the Government have not hesitated to provide aid and support to the Committee, upon presentation of evidence of corruption", noting that "many actions taken violators and mischief", and it is still continuing its work in this area in coordination with the competent authorities.

In addition, the Commission on integrity that "Financial Committee Chairman Ahmed Chalabi delivered documents and demanded investigations into money laundering files", indicating that it had responded to the request and began making some inquiries.

And just says Nouri, spokesman of the Parliamentary Committee on integrity, that "our initial date set with the mp Ahmed Chalabi before he died to discuss files sent by", stating that "the appointment scheduled for tomorrow (today)".

Nuri, said in a statement to (term), "Chalabi's death scuttled a meeting with integrity". He pointed out that "the parliamentary integrity hosted Director of money-laundering operations in the Central Bank, which provided a frightening numbers confirm the existence of money-laundering". spokesman said the Parliamentary Committee saying "there are a lot of things were supposed to be discussed with Chalabi, which has strict laws to deal with money laundering as well as the names of the characters and the companies that manage those operations".

He said Nuri said "the integrity Commission got serious files talk about theft of public funds and money laundering by some banks to adopt the forged papers to manipulate the money smuggled out of Iraq".

The spokesman revealed that "integrity Committee members are exposed to political pressure to stop the disclosure of some files with laundering money", but stressed that "the Commission continues to expose these groups however charged that".

Adel Noori draws to "some State institutions were crashing in certain ways provide the files that we need but there are numerous files that reach us through (fiber) by staff and citizens", saying "start collecting, validating and then open their investigations".