Democratic official: Barzani ready to give up the presidency of the province and was succeeded by his assistant

Erbil-Iraq Press -9 November: A leading figure in the Kurdistan Democratic Party, said on Monday that the region's president, Massoud Barzani during a meeting with elders of Sulaimaniya expressed his willingness to leave office if that will solve the crisis in the region, noting that some parties want to show that all the Kurdish problems associated with it. He said the section 21 the Kurdistan Democratic Party official Fadel Rauf, who attended the meeting Barzani, with a number of personalities and dignitaries and the elders of the province of Sulaymaniyah, last Thursday, that "Barzani has the initiative to resolve the political crisis in the region."

He said, "The meeting It was actually because most of the dignitaries were from the political side of the supporters of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the MDC, "adding that" those present were Aanzeron to Barzani, head of the province only, but as President of the Kurdistan whole Vtaliboh be the race to launch an initiative to resolve the crisis, no one else. " According to the report by Bass Kurdish. He added that "Barzani was convinced the words of the guests and said he would do what he can do to return to normalcy in the region," stressing that "it is for this goal would call for a meeting of all political forces and parties."

He said Barzani said, "The President of the Kurdistan Parliament was not running things must also did not benefit from the experience of those who preceded him were distortion parliament path was to act like children," in the words of Barzani. He said Raouf that Barzani said during the meeting to, that "some parties wanted to show things as if all the problems of the region have to do it (Bbarzani) and if it did not stay in his post, the situation in Kurdistan will be resolved, noting (Barzani) that "it was stepping down helps in dealing with the situation and there is another person who can handle things, he vows not to step down but also provide hands help and assistance to him. "He concluded Barzani said," if they're Vshawwa area, the situation was very fit to walk steps towards the declaration of a Kurdish state ".anthy