Iraq Dept Finance Press Releases 11-9-15

Statement of the Ministry of Finance refutes Aladat recent hesitated right where the first official
Sunday November 8, 2015

Echoed in some of the media and social networking recent charges against Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari made ​​in the House of Representatives by claiming it documented facts, which in its entirety and its details were not also was not intended to search for the truth or the provision of a public service as they were attempts deliberate with racially and politically motivated, aimed at political miscarriage and discredit the minister, and nothing else., because what the possession of the Ministry of Finance documents prove stopped short of ordering him doubt the invalidity of the claim Attorney Esquire, and is ready for the detection of these documents in accordance with the administrative and legal followed contexts, respect them In the interests of official papers that the law prohibits the circulation of privacy except in the public interest and in accordance with the instructions and the laws governing it.
While we respect the freedom of opinion and expression guaranteed by the Constitution, we emphasize that there is Ea and assets for the exercise of this freedom is directed to serve the public interest and to enlighten public opinion facts and be a factor in the development of democracy, not be posing in front of the media and Anthaza package of reforms undertaken by the government and jump on them and circumvents the emotions of the recipient and presentation approaches and non-objective presentation of the facts quarters in order to discredit the official image of the Nile from it instead of putting such issues under the dome of the House of Representatives.
The Ministry of Finance and the person of its minister, at a time when refutes those Aladat, it reserves the right to defend itself and respond to them and study the prosecution of Asaye it followed the available legal means to ensure that truth and punish those who exceed them.