The Election Commission was preparing to apply the law the Parties next month

Legal expert: detailed according to big political visions for the Baghdad-Al-shammari's promise: according to the independent High Electoral Commission, said Monday that it will force Parties Act mid next month, saying its ability to apply, once you do the first administrative bagraein, provides for the registration of political entities converted to circle, and another through legal instructions to complete the registration process.
Al-zubaie said kateaa, Deputy Chairman of the Committee of plenipotentiaries in the Office, "the President of the Republic had ratified 12 of the Parties Act last October.
He said Al-zubaie told the "new morning", that "under the law, the force begins months after the ratification of the law".
"UNHCR will work according to the current law, beginning 12 December.
The Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Plenipotentiaries, the law provided for the formation of the Department of registration of political entities, "pointing out that" we are ready to form the circle.

Al-zubaie said, "the Office for 10 years for registered entities section so it won't cost us converted to the expansion chamber staff".
He "aatkotna according to the new legislation, legal action, stating that it" is through the Central instructions for completing the registration process ".
Al-zubaie, Voyager, "the new law specify how to register new parties, he says that" the validity of approval of our circle. "
And increased "if we refused to register her party could resort to a specialized court."
He concluded by saying that "in this case would be to eliminate the final word that the appellant's objections within the specified time periods".
For its part, the legal expert Tariq Harb told the "new morning", barbs for the new party law legislation.
War, he said that "this law is not keeping pace with development and does not support democracy and modern foundations that form whereby the political blocs."
The prominent expert that detailed according to big political visions. "
And see "was useful in the Chamber of Deputies granted authority to approve the formation of parties to Iraqi judiciary as the most neutral and capable of issuing its decision each away from political neutrality".
UNHCR legal expert challenges "marking a breach might have big political blocks".
"The Board of Commissioners are representatives from the parties in control of the political scene as the Islamic Dawa party or Iraqi forces or Union citizen or the sadrist movement or the Kurdish Alliance.

According to a war that "it will affect negatively the work of UNHCR and embarrassed its staff to deal with may be linked to certain parties."
The Iraqi Parliament was voted in the 16th meeting of the first legislative term of the second legislative year, on 27 August 2015, unanimously adopted a bill on political parties after 13 years of regime change in Iraq.
Law in Iraq was stalled because of political differences despite the nearly 13 years of change and the fall of Saddam in April 2003.