New in the death of his second wife, Chalabi in possession of documents most seriously

Orient-news section in striking development emerged second wife of the head of the Iraqi National Congress, who died in mysterious circumstances a few days ago still shop tug-of-war between political blocs, with sources close to, "when the second wife and called nights Assi, important documents and serious large warheads at topple Iraq», as. Her sources, '' that Ahmed Chalabi, secretly married during his time in Jordan of a Lebanese woman, sinner, nights of the ASI family of wealthy displaced from armth village in Lebanon and is the father of prominent businessmen and has contributed many real estate in Lebanon and Dubai, remarkably self-critical, "ASI nights confirmed that Chalabi had told her earlier that if any harm must hand over documents in their possession with tapes CD to Massoud Barzani, head of Kurdistan. That little light boards of llgelbi built at one time, I stay second wife, family nights Assi, Sheikh Hassan Khaled Hall at the Imam Ali mosque, in the new road area in the Lebanese capital Beirut, with the second Board has established his first wife Leila osseiran in the Congress Palace in the presence of his brother Talal Chalabi and a large number of officials, absence of former Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki. Earlier, sources had earlier revealed that "head of the Iraqi National Congress and Chairman of the parliamentary Finance Committee late Ahmed Chalabi, the Supreme religious authority in Najaf file corruption before the day of his death. The source continued, '' that Chalabi had information about the characters and strong countries engaged in plundering Iraq, including the auction of foreign currency at the Central Bank of Iraq, and is pushing a mushrooming number of cautious moves in recent dealings, adding, that "extradition of Chalabi's top reference file is an effort to inform them of the size of the rampant corruption in the country», in the words of the source.