Baghdad/Iraq News Network-invited House speaker Salim al-Jabouri, in Kurdistan, to neutralize the State institutions and not used as a means of political pressure and statement to: library,

"in an open letter to the official and political leaders in Kurdistan and Kurdish people about recent events in the region." the text of the message, according to the statement, "for decades and our people in Kurdistan struggles for freedom and getting the rights was because of this claim to the types of persecution, abuse, harassment and payment of precious blood children of Kurdish movement And the Kurdish people's beloved, and made everyone paid a heavy price of democracy, stability and development and evolution of the Kurdistan. "he added that" the territory of today's square the unfortunate situation of difference which weakens the ability of the political leadership to promote institutions and progress, and what happened recently to disable some institutions because of suffocation clear democratic environment that prevailed in the past. "and" from our Kurdistan and Kurdish people as part of Iraq and its people and one fabric, we call on all Kurdish leaders to sit down at the negotiating table and away from the internal dialogue.

The crisis of the media debates and neutralize the State institutions in the territory for emergency problems and not used as a means of political pressure, and we call upon the Government of the territory to more dialogues with the Federal Government to resolve outstanding problems as it certainly will overshadow domestic landscape. "Al-Juburi went to Kurdish people saying:" Oh you embraced your people displaced in your homes and your hearts to your parents from the Residents of the stricken provinces and you divide among themselves with loaf news, you are the best in their particular plight, not to freak you out and your generosity and unsullied idealism that you possess which they quote lifted from the mountain, you have today the responsibility of maintaining your towns populated when you remember your sacrifice in حلبچه walanval and all the tragedies and sorrows and the blood and the tears you shed tears her price freedom, God help you to Kurdish leadership of each party official and configurations that they support one another in order to promote the region rank high. "he noted that" the party leaders claim political elite today to bypass formal considerations to What is the greatest and is considered of general interest and territorial unit and Iraq and maintain the democratic gains and physical security by Kurdistan. "

House speaker expressed the hope that" hearts and wills will meet soon to resolve differences and national cohesion in the region as it has always been a strong corporate organization, the most dangerous phase of the dispersion of our disagreements, our sons and your sons, heroes of the peshmerga are paying دماءا to say in land battle in the face of Iraq's land daash edit, defeat terrorism and courage deserve our work And complement to the territory and Iraq. "