Baghdad/Iraq news network called mp component alaizidi Vien dakhel, President Fouad Massoum to not to ratify the law of the national card, and send it back to Parliament for reconsideration of article 26 thereof

exotic said in a statement Monday: "we call on President Fouad Massoum not to sign and ratify the law of the national card, to return to Parliament for reconsideration of article 26 thereof, as a violation of several articles of the Federal Constitution and contrary to principles of civil liberties and freedom of belief." we We believe that the President's signature on this infallible law is from injustices participation from non-Muslim minorities, kalaizidiin, Christians and Mandean sabeans. "she The hope that "the President is infallible in turn protect the Constitution, that is not allowed to pass any law to the contrary has been contributing to the rhythm of the injustice and oppression on any of the segments of the Iraqi people." and "the intruder followed this Act raised a lot of concern and suspicions of the sons of Iraqi components of non-Muslims, and represents another persecution, and deprived them of the rights guaranteed under the Constitution Iraq and guaranteed by international conventions and norms," usually "pass is the wrong message to Iraqi minorities concerned and that the wrong message to the international community." the Deputies voted by majority on 27 October last, approve unified national card Act. minority deputies commented on 31 October, attendance at parliamentary sessions to protest the law especially in recording minor child by parents, religion as "discrimination and coercion to creed." with head rafideen representing Christian yonadem component we about attempts to resolve the dispute on article 26 of the law of national card for free religions. "we are there to deal with article 26 of the law of national card with the Presidency of the Council Deputies "Noting" many Presidents understand our modified so you may go to address urgent "unlikely" to reach the appeal stage in article I of the Federal Court. Article 26 of the law of national standard card which was approved by the House of representatives on 27 November and proceeded to the Ministry of the Interior, that the "switch to a non-Muslim religion in accordance with the law, minors are boys in the religion of Islam embraced parents." it also provides debt and switching toggle name abstract if accompanied by that To switch the debt in court personal articles and is in this case.