Urgent parliamentary ..almalah: 2016 budget on the agenda of tomorrow's meeting of the country and mortgage borrowing for the sovereignty of Iraq

Our economy / Baghdad - A member of the Finance Committee MP Masood Haider, said on Monday that the House of Representatives session for tomorrow will include a discussion of the federal budget for 2016.

And the deputy Haider in the mass change, a member of the parliamentary in a statement to the agency, "our economy" news, "The parliament session agenda for tomorrow will include the first reading of the budget of the Federal 2016".

He said he "was assigned to deputies of the Finance Committee to oversee the sub-committees of the ministries and independent institutions and other study their budgets."

He said a member of the Finance Committee that "the absence of Chairman of the Committee of the late Ahmad Chalabi will leave a huge vacuum," noting that "we will lose the hallmarks of Chalabi because of its experience in this aspect."

He pointed out that "the Commission has many objections to the budget in terms of revenue and loans," returned "to borrow from Qatari banks is subject to the sovereignty of Iraq to Qatar by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi."

The parliamentary Finance Committee announced, earlier this November the arrival of draft financial budget law for 2016 to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, after being approved by the Council of Ministers, in October 18, 2015, total expenses amounting to 106 trillion dinars and a projected deficit of almost 23 trillion dinars.