"Banking and financial institutions group conversion" looking for anti-money laundering

Our economy / Dubai - Shed "banking institutions group financial transfer (FERG)", which includes a number of banking and financial transfers operating in the UAE companies, highlighted the need to take special measures to combat money laundering activities, during the «Sixth Annual Conference of money laundering and financial crimes in the Middle East and North Africa (ACAMS), which sponsored the group permanently.

He attended the conference, which was held over two days at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel in Dubai Financial Center, all of the Group Chief Executive Officer banking financial institutions and the conversion Osama Al Rahma, and the Secretary of banking and financial institutions group conversion, Rajiv Rabincolaa.

During the conference, Osama Al Rahma occur, chairman of "banking financial institutions group and conversion," the need to intensify training in addition to continuous surveillance and monitoring of the anti-money laundering operations.

He also highlighted during his speech on the operations and the necessary precautions that must be taken and applied for the establishment of a solid financial system and is based on financial transactions transparent.

Al Rahma said: We're always working with members of the group to provide expertise and share information and support efforts to track and avoid suspicious financial transactions initiatives.

There is an urgent need to monitor and audit the suspicious financial transactions, especially those coming from unstable regions, should also monitor business transactions that could be linked to criminal or terrorist activity. Our focus now is on promoting awareness about money laundering and transfers risk or suspicious financial transactions and how to combat it, as well as the importance of effective monitoring and surveillance, which become more effective and accurate analysis process through the promotion of the study of the financial statements.

He suggested Al Rahma, the introduction of an annual program to combat money laundering in addition to holding training and compliance staff courses, also called on the banking and financial transfer companies to keep transaction records for at least five years in order to be able to use them in case of an investigation. He also pointed to the Al Rahma, the importance of the role played by auditors in assessing finance the fight against the corporate-money-laundering programs and their compliance with the highest international standards.

And the group is one of the most prominent supporters of this conference because of its importance and the focus topics of discussion on the basic and main things in the world of finance and banking and conversion. For these reasons, it encouraged the "banking and financial institutions group conversion" of all its members to attend the conference, where the details of the conference was circulated to members, and the event was announced on the official website of the group.

The "banking financial institutions group and conversion," the invitation and take care of 20 students from the American University in Sharjah to attend the conference. They were one of the first students enrolled in the new "financial crime" course which newly added to the university educational approach.