The new salaries are recognized. With the support of Government. Or ill-considered reforms fad?!

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Between rejection and acceptance received Manar Mohammed news delivered new payroll stuck paper and pen and recorded the amount of new, surprising hit hers after that relevance equation mathematical result must pay $ 50,000 dinars so Loan Bank (predecessor percent salary)! Judy has fifteen years of service without increased allocations that covered several months ago they borrow money to live on my pension level average because they preferred to buy a small house and daughter briefly after taking his predecessor (37) million Iraqi dinar to save her family from the greed of landlords!

Judy is not only among the millions of employees who recognized the new salary will descend stairs instead of going up.

Equal BA Omar Hamid of the Institute and the employee has a four-year service says (range): How do you calculate salary Graduate Institute who has studied two years with the College graduate salary climbing jobs equally between considering it as major he underestimated the parliamentary salary of 10 million and half enough (21) staff salaries (500) thousand dinars per month, assuming that each wife and four children means that it supports (105).

The study of governmental decisions either officer Adel Mohammed Talib, confirmed for (range) that successive Governments used to issue decisions and instructions of the improvisational ill-considered left the country in successive crises, most recently resolution reducing salaries, adding: most of those decisions must be subject to studies in research centres and surveys made public, as established in most countries of the world.

Opinion shared by teammate Firas Wahab Shahid Babylon University, has stated that the decision will negatively affect employee status and returns it to the time of the siege, that the employee will seek other work besides his job which will lose a lot of dedication and hard work, saying: the abolition of University Service will lead to economic disaster and a large number of employees are required to pay premiums for credit and governmental and non-governmental loans which means that most net salary will be deducted 20 thousand dinars.

Muhammad Hamid akram officer stressed that peace would raise the salary reduction in unemployment, adding that after the implementation of the resolution will compete with others in their market. The schedule of loans called for Prime Minister include State banks, not private banks that require employees to pay premiums in full which lays employee problems.
It is not the Council's right to terminate

Legal expert dargham Al Saadi told (range): the new pay recognized legally and constitutionally take place where there is a clause in the Constitution (principle of equality between Iraqis and the State must guarantee citizens ' welfare and raising the economic level) and the law amended in certain paragraphs several years ago and went to the Ministry of finance but that eliminates the old peace issued the law here is illegal. Indicating: the repeal of a new law should be issued, either canceled by the Cabinet without returning to the House of representatives to pass a law as mentioned earlier a large addition to the constitutional violation that is not of the Council's repeated.

Debt phone the transport Saidi said: that proportion (80%) Categories of Iraqi people living on salaries and any reduction would appear mafia to steal money, this happened when the stolen staff salaries and even theft of Government and private banks and some shops banking. Indicating: the fact that this happened in 1950 in Italy when the economy collapsed.

And must conduct Saadi: the solution is to abolish the special grades and allocation of privileges for lawmakers not to reduce staff salaries and the conversion differences and to them where the lower 7 _ 8 _ 9 _ 10 and take breaks from higher grades 3_4_5 (their differences) that depend on the payment of rent and provision of necessities of life and even Bank loans taken on salary and deduct them a percentage. Wondering: where to pay the employee the difference here in the case of a deductible? We don't want to increase the financial and administrative corruption, noting: there are other financial resources, for example, why not take the Government seven billion dollars requested by companies? Why not impose taxes on goods imported legally by all those things that provide cash? Why employees only recourse State?!

Drain hard currency while the broad economic expert Dr. maytham winfred in modern (range): in the case of application of the new salary and recognized as financial and economic analysis there will be recession because purchasing power goes down and imported goods will decrease demand explanation because of low wages and salaries which have affected the standard of living that controls spending and saving, which will diminish.

Winfred said: already transformed into an increase in funds to financial savings houses or even buy gold in either the new peace there will be no increase in consumption will be spending only on commodities and consumer goods while Kemalism do not constitute 5% of any restructuring spending budget for families. Indicating that this will make traders lower prices of imported goods and thus withdraw and request hard currency will decline and help not to drain the CBI commissions, because import demand determines the basic consumables.

Provision of liquidity is a member of the Parliamentary Committee, najeeba Najib, (range) that recognized the functional new salary would benefit the Iraqi budget, would provide a significant financial difference will benefit from State financial crisis due to falling oil prices. Host: the new salary scale would reduce disparities in salaries will reduce the salaries of the three presidencies, and this peace is not similar to the previously excluded a lot of ministries or bodies independent of the salary conditions.

Najib has followed: the three presidencies and independent bodies and ministries of defence, Interior, higher education, oil and electricity are all subject to the new salary ladder, it is hoped that this will provide a good financial liquidity for the Government because it would reduce salaries.

The loss of institutional loyalty while confirms Dr. Abdul-khaleq al-Jabburi, a professor with the modern (range) the salary scale resolution lacks credibility, since the legal abolition of the University Service for teachers and staff in the universities need to develop law according to the Constitution agreed.

Al-jubouri said the decision reflected negatively on ICSE which lose a lot of loyalty which many global institutions to develop the employee to achieve the utmost care and production and profits, noting that the resolution would harm an important segment of society estimated (4) million families, more than 20 million people. The need for a subtract ascending does not affect an employee's salary at the same time the State can get financial income.

The expulsion efficiencies migration and reaffirms csabaa account manager the decision unfair to the right employee and that the anticipated increase of the lower grades do not constitute economic impact on salaries, while subtracting 40-50 thousand dinars more than second and first officer means subtract three years old and three annual bonuses.

Social researcher notes Assaad forks that the Government will make the decision for Iraqi centrifuge which was able to attract from abroad in recent years. Reverse migration will occur for those competencies and thus lose the country an important aspect of astringent.

Either media Salah Kathem has called to examine Government decisions that have lead to the collapse of the Iraqi State enterprise and especially the decision to apply the new salary scale. Salah pointed to the need to find economic alternatives, including expanding investment and activation of industry, agriculture and other ways that bring significant revenues of without prejudice to employees ' salaries.

Threat to basic needs and Dr Hussein spring head, Department of psychology and educational sciences to reduce salaries to pose a major threat to human needs that threaten the psychological and social life according to Oslo peace that starts first needs alfslgih then human need for security and the need for belonging and self worth then aesthetic and cognitive needs. The decision to reduce the salaries of the staff threaten a sense of psychological security, economic and social system have the most employees depend on their salary entirely through him is the satisfaction of those needs to achieve psychological stability.

Spring said that the sense of his affected employee with the amount of Government support and that any such support leads to weakening of loyalty and thus encourage an inappropriate behaviors aggravates the situation of the employee.

With Dr. owes Nuri competence of educational psychology to research studies have addressed the Iraqi personal noted that Iraqi provocative personality, personality and that any shortfall in financial need lead to provocative ideas and indecent behaviour in society, and this is what is happening now in State services will be affected in the payroll deduction where we will see significant negative reaction from employees by the Government decision. Called debtor need to study the profile of Iraq well and in all its aspects.

Salary cuts affect economy economic expert Dr. Jawad Al-Bakri reported (range): each State's economy consists of two aspects, the first is the demand side, and called in the literature of Economics (aggregate demand) and the other side is the commodity side is called (overall width). That any defects on one side will drag the economy into economic crisis, commensurate to its size and the size of misguided economic policy caused, stating: in Iraq today more than four million government employees are paid by the limits of (41) trillion dinars, up (20%) Of the workforce in the country and reduce salaries this slide will affect the total consumption and thus on aggregate demand, pointing out: it will lead to lower overall demand for the overall width, and this decline will lead to the entry of the Iraqi economy in a recession as a result of reduced propensity for consumption (20%) Income in the community.

Bakri said: either the other layer will be affected by the policy of reducing the salaries of non-examined they debtors either banks or individuals, as they find themselves unable to repay their debt repayments with such a large proportion of the reduction in incomes which will ignite a wave of problems between debtors and creditors!