Parliamentary and financial manages tracks balancing 2016 without details

The Union said the parliamentary Finance Committee, Sunday, the Vice-Chairman of the Committee, mp Ahmad Committee will manage the Agency tracks until the election of a new President, indicating there is more than one option for the election of the Chairman of the Committee. Committee member Rep. Hussam retributive llsomret news, "Ahmed Chalabi has had a significant impact on the work of the Committee and in particular approve the financial budget", stating that "after his departure from the Committee will be led by Deputy Chairman Ahmed agency tracks". Kumar said that "there are many ways and options to choose a new President of the Commission, of the agreement between the political blocs and members of the Finance Committee or vote within the Committee, agreement or political blocs which belongs to Chalabi and members of the parliamentary financial".
Recall that the Coalition mp Salim disclosed شوقي, on 4 November 2015, mp Faleh Sari Coalition is closest to the chairmanship of the parliamentary Finance Committee, succeeding the late mp Ahmed Chalabi. So, punitive Bill described the financial budget for 2016 b details "poor" and said that the punitive "budget bill 2016 similar balancing 2015 in terms of lack of information and details", noting that "balancing 2016 made up wholly of paragraphs contain mental to ministries and organizations not affiliated with the Ministry, as well as the primitives needed by" punitive, he said that the "popular crowd said customizations within the budget of the Council of Ministers, and therefore we cannot distinguish between the crowd and the Council allocations", noting "we need more details Budget for the crowd in terms of weapon that they need him, clothes and other equipment ". Punitive financial Ministry called "giving more detail information for budget bill 2016, same as if previous budgets". The parliamentary Finance Committee announced on 26 November in the current fiscal budget bill arrives for 2016 to the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies, after approved by the Council of Ministers, on 18 October 2015, total expenditure reached 106 trillion dinars in expected deficits of 23 trillion dinars.