The judiciary calls for activating the conventions of trans-border crime

/Baghdad/Baghdad newsletter called the Federal judiciary Chief Judge Midhat al-Mahmoud, on Sunday to activate the international conventions and treaties that concern cross-border crime.
According to a statement by the judicial authority received "Baghdad newsletter" copy, "Mahmoud participated in the Regional Ministerial Workshop in Morocco on cooperation in the field of international justice".
Mahmood said in his speech at the Conference "combating organized crime requires diagnosis of trans-border crime, with a statement of its staff".
He added that "there is a great importance to give the international media and national audiovisual as well as religious forums, the possibility of shedding light on these crimes and their devastating impact on international and national public opinion".
He called Mahmood b "need for sentencing perpetrators and handing over detainees to States prompted and activating treaties and conventions involving cross-border crime and to encourage non-signatories to sign".