"Deputies responded": differences of Baghdad and Erbil need by new formulations

Visit nechirvan barasani aims to offer condolences on the death of Chalabi's Baghdad-Osama: the Kurdistan Alliance stressed that differences between Baghdad and Arbil needed by new formulations or amend the old agreement, stating that "the territorial Government announced the incompliance with the inclusion of former petroleum agreement within next year's budget, with the change indicated that the delegation visiting Baghdad and did not coordinate with representatives of Kurds in Baghdad.
And the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government nechirvan Barzani at the head of a high-ranking delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government Vice President Talabani kobad and Government spokesman Sven Druze and several Ministers of the region.
He said the Kurdistan Alliance mp Mohammed Amin said sherko differences between Baghdad and Arbil, Governments need to formulate a new position or modify old agreement ", stating that" the territory confirmed that he would not commit to inclusion of former petroleum agreement, which provided for export (550) a barrel within budget next year.

The Secretary said in his speech to the newspaper "new morning" that "there is no special budget in the region."
Noting that "the economic and security conditions for both Governments imposed for talks to reach an agreement satisfactory to all especially the people of the Kurdistan region, which is in a very difficult situation at the economic level."
"The parties need to show good faith and seriousness in the agreement not to be visiting and meeting only", pointing out that "If improve suspect each other, no need for visits or meetings," he said, adding that "the region this time a fruitful agreement".
The Prosecutor said mass change Masood Haider "Kurdish delegation currently visiting Baghdad and did not coordinate with representatives of Kurds in Baghdad", stating that "the delegation will go to console the family, head of the Iraqi National Congress mp Ahmad Abdel Hadi Chalabi, on the sidelines of the visit will be some meetings with political parties and discuss the problems between the region and Baghdad."
He added that the delegation had not coordinated with us in this regard is a blended team of members of government representatives and members of the political Bureau of Kurdistan and did not reflect the political reality in Kurdistan until Parliament territory, which consists of five political parties.
The Prosecutor said the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Abdul Bari Zebari, a delegation led by the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government nechirvan Barzani territory comes to offer condolences on the passing of duty mp Ahmed Chalabi.
Zebari told the newspaper "new morning" that "Kurdish delegation headed by Barzani and Talabani, accompanied by Deputy kobad political and governmental delegation arrived in Baghdad for their condolences on the death of mp Ahmed Chalabi", stating that "any lateral axes during the visit, the get is up to the Central Government if it wanted to discuss any topics specific to the region and Baghdad."
The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, nechirvan Barzani, described in the (7 September 2015), the relationship with the Central Government as "good", and expressed his readiness to visit Baghdad if necessary and the KDP "consensus" on the issue of the Presidency of the Kurdistan region, and noted that "the circumstances of the territory would not be a reason for non-government reforms.