Trade: delayed food ships in ports laboratory to make sure of their validity

The Ministry of Commerce made it clear Sunday that delayed some ships laden with food to calculate the ration card, is to be tested in vitro, and to ensure quality, and prevent the entry of materials is good or bad.
The Minister of Trade and agency Mohamed Xiaa Sudanese in a ministry statement, received / scales News / copy of it, that "the laboratory testing mechanisms, whether in port or at border crossing points are subject to the procedures strict aim to prevent the entry of any customized material for the purposes of the ration card which is distributed to more than 33 million Iraqi citizen. " The ships that transport the contracted vocabulary prevents them entering Iraqi territorial waters, except in the case of the success of that vocabulary in laboratory testing procedures and ensure safety in terms of quality and quality," adding that "This is a routine important it look closely on an ongoing basis in order to preserve the lives of our people. " He explained Alsoadenei that "the delay that gets to some of the ships is very limited comes for reasons related to the special examination results and not the complexities or obstacles and the subject, is scrutinized on a daily basis and from different points of the ministry," noting, "We do not accept any delay operations because it is the ministry cost before the cost those contractors. "
"The contract with companies mechanisms and processors include mechanisms scrutiny vocabulary inflows into the country will not pass any shipment unless verified the health safety procedures and testing laboratory flour, which tracks from regulators and committees even in stores that are deposited in these materials," .