Electricity signed a contract with Japan's Toyota worth 8.495 million euros

The Ministry of Electricity, on Sunday, a contract with the Japanese company Toyota to install a number of substations, valued at 8,000,495 thousand euros. The ministry said in a statement seen by the agency, "our economy" news, it was "signed a contract with the Japanese company Toyota to install a five substations effort (33/11 KV), capacity (5,31 2 MVA)", explaining that "the project comes Within the Japanese loan. " The ministry added that "the contract amount of 8,000,495 thousand euros and the duration of the completion of up to 18 months from the date of opening of credit by the donor JICA". The "JICA" The Japanese government agency responsible for providing a wide range of official development assistance such as cooperation technical and soft loans and the granting of financial aid to developing countries in the world, and is one of the biggest donors in support of the reconstruction of Iraq.